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Nintendo DS Touch screen question?

When I turn on my DS, my touch screen is a bit darker and has a real light brown tint to it, is it because its a touch screen, or is there soemthing wrong with the lighting in my ds??


what i meant was that the touch screen is darker than the game screen, btw i have had 2 ds's b4 and i dont ever remember having this problem

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    On the left corner of the touch screen on the menu, do you see a little sun? If you do, you can touch that to make the screen lighter. Once you reach the lightest, it will become darkest and so on.

    Source(s): Experience of having a Nintendo DS.
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    What else is your DS doing that isn't general? As what you have reported the start up show screen beginning immediately can be replaced in case you alter the settings on the gadget settings bit - once you have no pastime card in. attempt that first. If no longer then take it back to the keep, including your receipts, teach them what's incorrect with it and maybe then can replace it for a clean one if that's nevertheless have been given a guarantee. otherwise, touch the manufacturers of Nintendo, possibly by way of digital mail, tell them undertaking and you need to deliver it to them to repair.

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  • 5 years ago

    hard aspect. research with bing and yahoo. that can assist!

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