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Where do you think these ETF's are going 6-12 months from now?















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    I like ETF's and trade them regularly now instead of individual stocks. They are not as volatile as stocks but seem to offer greater price appreciation than mutual funds if chosen correctly. I haven't researched all the ETF's you have listed but if you haven't already done so I would suggest looking the research available at Yahoo can't tell which are going to increase in value but it does rank them by volume of shares traded (liquidity), size, expenses as a percent, and rate of return. I personally like XLE (energy), XLV (health care) XLK (technology) and VTI (Total Stock market) all of which I would buy on a correction of 10% or more.

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    applicable now, i think of that the delivery sector is time-honored is extremely undervalued besides as REITS. the two one among those ought to come roaring returned as quickly as the monetary device recovers, yet they the two pose significant adverse aspects. If the down turn maintains for an prolonged volume of time, agencies in the two sector will at last run out of money and credit before the restoration rescues them - inflicting bankruptcies. I have been given into source agencies final 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, and could carry them on for the period of the subsequent. i do no longer think of they're going to supply me the double to triple digit returns they did final 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, yet they could desire to guard rather stable, except the restoration takes carry, then they're going to run up some (nonetheless no longer as lots because of the fact the battered delivery sector) apart from mining agencies that are into useful metals, they're going to probable take a splash bit a fulfillment. monetary agencies look puffed up applicable now to me. they are at present raking in salary by using protecting credit fees intense on an identical time as borrowing from the Fed at no longer something. while the monetary device recovers, the Fed will advance fees and banks will no longer be able to advance their fees of pastime to purchasers. additionally, there is basically too lots regulatory reform in the works for this sector. on an identical time as the guidelines have been exceeded, the incredibly implementation and regulations are nevertheless in the works, and it somewhat is looking tremendously restrictive on monetary agencies.

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