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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 1 decade ago

Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad born as a Sunni Muslim before he founded the Ahmadiyya Jama'at?? :-/?

Hey there guys & gals.

Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad born as a Sunni Muslim before he founded the Ahmadiyya Jama'at?? :-/

If you know the answer, please do asnwer okay?? :-/



The Bees Knees: "Nobody is born having a religion.' = What the hell are you talking about??!! =_=

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    Edit: I asked your question to my grandfather, who has superb knowledge of Islam and the Promised Messiah (AS). According to him, prior to declaring himself the Promised Messiah and Imam Mehdi, HMGA and his family belonged to the Hanifa Islamic school of thought...

    Salaams Shaikh,

    I’m happy to see that your question still “on”, I was a little busy with works and other things, never easy when doing so many things and keeping fasts same time.

    Was HMGA (AS) a Sunni before his declaring himself to be the Imam Mehdi and Promised Messiah for Islam and the world? That’s a good question, and I can’t say 100% for sure. He was obviously a “Muslim” prior judging from his name, and I believe it could have been towards the “Sunni” philosophy (but that wouldn’t be fair of me saying “Muslim” because according to our beliefs Ahmadiyath is the true Islam, the rejuvenation of Islam that was forgotten and disfigured over the past centuries resulting in “Islam” being one theng and “Muslims” being another, both having very little to do with one another).

    Was HMGA’s (AS) a “Sunni” before his founding the Ahmadi Movement in Islam? No. His faith as with all Messengers of Allah were one and the same: The religion of Righteousness. Well, let me elaborate in another way: What was Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) religion or sect before his being made a prophet? What was Prophet Abraham’s (AS) and prophet Moses (AS) and prophet Jonah (AS) etc? All of these great men followed the faith of Righteousness. The Koran reads that it does not matter whether one prays east or west it is our righteousness alone that reaches Allah and nothing else. Righteousness is the solid base upon which Allah then builds his eventual plans for that individual's future greatness.

    How can anyone say that one is “right” just because he/she belongs to a certain sect or school of thought? I’ve known “Sunnis” who party 24/7 – drinking alcohol and doing a different woman every week, “Shias” who dedicate every minute of their free time to praying and serving the poor and other noble social works; and again people from both sects doing the opposite of what the above mentioned do. How do you rate and grade according to sect or school thought? You can’t even do that in different religions. A young Jewish college girl sacrifices 2-3 semesters from school to go teach basic education to poor children in some obscure African village; a young Christian couple who care for their elderly neighbor when she is ill because she is alone and has no one to care for her; a Muslim guy on the party circuit drinking/partying 24/7. How do you rate and judge these three examples? Who is on the right and wrong path? There is news from Pakistan that the big sugar dealers hoarded hundreds of thousands of tons of sugar to make an artificial price rise and they selected the holy month of Ramadan to implement their plans. Three months ago sugar was Rs. 35/kg. Now it’s Rs. 65/kg. The Koran reads God curses the hoarders. God HImself declares in the strongest terms that those who hoard will merit a special grade of punishment in Hell. Are these Muslims? Do they REALLY believe in God (which is the very pinnacle of Islam belief)? But many of these guys are fasting now!!! Same with the angry young “Moslems” who burned alive seven Christians few weeks ago on a news that someone “desecrated” the Koran which turned out to be false! These people too are probably fasting now. What “sect” do these people belong to?


    P.s. Nice letter to "Dawn" last week. Should summarize my beliefs that much of the Muslim world now is at varience with what ISLAM is...

    Ramazan as usual

    Thursday, 27 Aug, 2009

    FOR many like me things are the same this Ramazan also. Same rituals, same sights. Increased traffic jams, quarrels and street fights after accidents that could have been avoided. Lethargy all around. Lots of spitting on the streets. Pushing and screaming at ‘pakora’ stalls.

    But then my thoughts keep going back to those wicked people who burnt Christian women and children alive in Gojra and will be fasting and praying now. For what? A place for themselves in heaven?

    Will it be wrong for me to pray to God to be kind to those non-Muslims who died in that massacre? I may not share their beliefs, but I will defend their right to hold those beliefs and to practise them so long as they do not interfere with the rights of others.

    The Taliban will also be fasting, along with sugar hoarders and other rogues, scoundrels, liars and hypocrites we come across every day. I’m looking for someone who actually lives our faith. Is there such a person?



  • 1 decade ago

    Hadhrat Ahmad was born in a Sunni household. He maintained the same beliefs throughout his life.

    "The five pillars of Islam constitute our Creed. The Revelation of God viz., the Quran which we are commanded to hold firmly on, that indeed we hold firmly on. God be pleased with Umar: Like him we have the words 'sufficient unto us is the Book of God' constantly on our lips. In case of conflict and disagreement between the Hadith and the Quran we follow Hazrat Ayesha (God be pleased with her) and choose the Quran, especially in the historical texts treated by all schools as above abrogation. And we believe that there is no deity, no one worthy of worship, but only Almighty Allah that our Master Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (peace and blessings of God be upon him), is His Rasul and Khatamal-Anbiya. And we believe that angels exist, that the resurrection of bodies after death is true, that the Day of Reckoning is also true, that Djanna and Gehenna are also true. We believe that every thing taught about these matters by the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet is true. We believe that he who seeks to subtract an iota from this or to add an iota to this - the Shariah of Islam and also he who makes light of the statutes and practices of Islam is devoid of belief, a denier of Islam. We counsel our Jamaat to put true and sincere faith in the Holy Kalima, La Illaha Ill-Allah, Muhammad al-Rasul-Allah, to live and die by it, also to believe in all prophets and in all books, the truth of which is sanctioned by the Quran; to observe in letter and in spirit the Fasts, Prayers, Zakat and Pilgrimage and all prescriptions and prohibitions laid down by Almighty Allah and His Prophet. We counsel them in short that their belief should include all beliefs and all rules of conduct agreed upon unanimously by early Muslims, that is, all matters accepted as part of Islam by the consensus of Ahl-i-Sunna. There is no option. And we hold heaven and earth as witness that this is our creed and this is our faith. "

    (Ayyamal Sulh pg. 86-87)

  • 1 decade ago

    Nobody is born having a religion.

    You have to be old enough to understand it.

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