what is bill murray saying during the ceremony parade in the movie stripes?

i need to know everything bill murray says from the time he starts marching them in until the end of there little performance when the main dude says'these are the type of men i need". its for a thing im doing as part of drill team. please help me out

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    A transcript is available online but without attribution for the speaking parts. I've put in Bill Murray's name where his character is talking.

    Murray: All right, let's do a little singing this morning.

    Larroquette?: Oh, my God!

    Murray: Platoon...a- one, two:

    Wilke: Where the hell have you been, soldier?

    Murray: Training, sir!

    Platoon: Training, sir!

    Wilke: What kind of training, son?

    Murray: Army training, sir!

    Platoon: Army training, sir!

    Murray: Platoon, just like last night, only better! And right shoulder, ho!

    Order, ho! Side step right! Left flank, left! Queen Anne salute!

    Three, five, seven! Razzle- dazzle! Hut, two, three, four!

    Platoon: Hut, two, three, four. The quick brown fox jumped

    over the lazy dog, sir!

    Wilke: Where's your drill sergeant, men?

    Murray: Blown up, sir!

    Platoon: Blown up, sir!

    Larroquette: Sir, these are Sergeant Hulka's men. He was injured during basic training.

    Wilke: I see. So am I to understand that you men

    completed your training on your own?

    Murray: That's the fact, Jack!

    Platoon: That's the fact, Jack!

    Wilke: Captain.

    Larroquette: Yes, sir?

    Wilke: These are exactly the kind of go-getters...I want working on my EM-50 project in Italy.

    Larroquette: Oh, but, sir, these men...

    Wilke: Don't "but" me, captain. I want them on the plane tonight.

    Murray: Gentlemen, it's party time, Italian style!

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