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what is the relationshiip between smoking 3 cigarettes a day and getting lung cancer?

I smoke 3 cigarettes per day. i do not have breathing problems, and i had a good chest x-ray recently...i do much exercise, eat healthy......i am 66 yrs. old and have been smoking(with the exception of 6 years )since i was 25.there isd no history of csncer in my family. what asre my chances of getting lung cancer if i continue with 3 cigarettes per day...mike

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    If you took the data from two populations of similar 66 year-olds, half of whom did not smoke, and half of whom smoked 3 cigarettes per day, all else being equal you would be all but guaranteed to find a higher rates of lung cancer, bronchitis, bladder cancer, emphysema and a host of other unpleasant conditions in the "very light smokers" than in the non-smokers.

    Since you have smoked for such a long time, you are at quite a high risk to get bladder cancer eventually....(while you can "cough out" much of the crap smoking leaves in your lungs, many of the carcinogenic compounds that dissolve in your blood end up in your urine, and so continuously "bathe" the inside surface of that little bag)

    Quitting today won't guarantee you won't get cancer, but it will raise the odds in your favor...

    Source(s): Bladder cancer survivor
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    I know that I'll get a lot of criticism for posting this response, but here goes . . .

    If a 15 year old asked your question, then I would lecture him against smoking, mostly out of concern that it would eventually turn into a pack-a-day habit resulting in lung cancer at age 40 or 50.

    However, at age 66 you should do whatever you want. I don't see how smoking 3 cigarettes, drinking 3 beers, or eating 3 bacon cheeseburgers every day will significantly impact your longevity. You have already lived a long life, so good for you!

    Just don't share any smokes with younger people.

    Source(s): Ex-smoker. Quit in 1991.
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    You have the same chances of the people that get lung cancer and never smoked - my dad was a heavy smoker from about 12 year old till he got lung cancer age 73 and was cured of it although he died at 76 of bowel cancer. There is more chance of the chemicals from car exhaust fumes causing it than smoking 3 a day, - i smoke not far off 40 each day, don't do much exercises, slightly over weight but i am healthy and apart from type 2 diabetes diet controlled my blood test are all coming back fantastic, i have never had a day off work because of illness in 35 years, my sister and brother don't smoke, eat healthy, do exercise, slim built etc and they are always ill?? whats for you wont go bye you.

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    Last December the US Surgeon General released information on just this subject. Scientists have observed genetic damage to lung tissue from a single cigarette. As the damage accumulates the chances for lung cancer increase. Starting with a small risk for nonsmokers each additional cigarette increases your chances of getting cancer. Individual results vary, but about 90 percent of lung cancer occurs in smokers. There is no safe cigarette or cigar. Tobacco companies are strictly prohibited for even implying that their product is safer than another.

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    Cancer, fairly minor -- it takes about 10 pack years for your risk to start smoking up, so at 3 a day it would take about 70 years to get to that point. Your real risk is from heart attacks, which kill many more smokers than cancer anyway. Three is on the edge for that, it takes surprisingly few cigarettes to raise your heart attack risk two or three times and at 66 that's a real concern. So as much as I hate to have to say it, you'd be better off stopping.

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    Mike, the point is that the chemical in cigarettes can cause cell changes. It ios NOT worth the risk. If that is all you are smoking, please try gum or an electronic cigarette...something to take your mind off of it. You really don't want any cell changes....that's a recipe for disaster.

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    i was a heavy smoker many years ago.my 2 girls both smoke.

    we do everything we can to make them stop.but with them it`s a social thing.they seem oblivious to the danger`s.i think every cigg`ie is a nail in your coffin.at your age you don`t seem to care,be warned many of my mother`s family smoked a couple of gig`s a day .all the girl`s died of cancer.all of them was over 60.

    i used to smoke very heavy,i used to get broncitus about 3 times a year.i packed up 40 years ago,never had broncitus since.

    maybe you don`t think smoking is the cause of cancer ,but please pack it in if you can,i`m sure you will feekl the benifit in time,even at your age.

    Source(s): anti smoker,take heed
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    Your more likely to get cancer from traffic and industry toxins imo.

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