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5th pick in a 10 team fantasy football, pls help, what is the best strategy?

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    For some reason everybody is telling you what to do with the first pick; if you didn't know then there is nothing that can be done to help you. You actually have, in my opinion, the best pick in the draft.

    Round 1: stud RB (obvious) whoever the best RB is in your opinion who is left.

    Round 2: another stud RB somebody like Slaton, Jacobs or Portis should still be around and are the best pickups. However, pick the best of who's left no matter the position. Brees, Brady and possibly Manning or Fitzgerald should take this pick if they are available. Use discretion though, as Brady or Manning should be available and you need to decide whether to take a QB this early ( I don't because everybody seems to undervalue Rivers, Rodgers, Warner and McNabb can be picked up in round 4 or later).

    Round 3: WR: WR's Jennings, White, Boldin, Wayne should be available and are good picks, unless somebody listed above is still available.

    Round 4: QB: Rodgers, Rivers, and Warner will go in this round and you should get one of them, unless somebody listed above is still available.

    Round 5: Another starter. If you have two RB's pick a WR, if in round 4 you didn't get a QB then grab McNabb. RB: R. Brown if available otherwise wait a couple rounds. WR: Houshmandzadeh, Bryant should be available. Owens, Marshall or Welker may have fallen to here and are good picks. TE Clark is a decent pickup as well, but hopefully will be around for one more round.

    Round 6: The last round I can offer advice on. Pick another starter if you can a TE like Dallas Clark is a good pick because you don't have a TE yet, other TE's worth drafting in round 6 are Olsen and Cooley. A strong bench player like Kevin Smith is a good pick and Marshawn Lynch is sneaky at this pick, just keep in mind he won't be playing the first few games and you might be able to wait another round to get him ( I know it sucks, but an RB drafted at this point is almost certainly a backup so it won't matter until a bye or injury).

    From here on you will simply take who you think is the best player. Regardless of position, you can sort that out later. Don't draft a kicker until the last two or three rounds, kickers are a lot about match-ups and drafting one early could cost you some nice position players with upside. Don't draft a defense until one has already been drafted; this might sound weird, but nobody should be thinking about a defense before round 8 or so anyway. Don't put too much stock into what your bench looks like now, it will change during the season. The point of bench players now is to give yourself a little insurance some bargaining chips and to place a little bet ( someone like Crabtree has solid potential, but he hasn't played in the NFL yet so isn't worth a pick higher than the 8th round and definitely won't start for you during the first two weeks.

    Sorry this is so long, but I actually left out things like handcuffing, covering bye weeks, schedule and potential for injuries. I leave all of that stuff for you to decide about and truth be told I don't pay much attention to it anyway, case in point my first round draft choice was Westbrook and my top 2 WR's share a bye week.

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    QB, you may be able to use a little help, but you should be fine. I actually like leinart over Hasselback at QB. Hassel scares me a bit because of having alexander and his receivers cant seem to hang onto the ball. Leinart has two top WR to be throwing to as well as being able to hit James out of the backfield. As for your RB, Gore is a concern because of his health. I actually like Addai better with the 5th pick (if he is there and usually is). However, Gore has just as much upside as Addai. I would try to move Brown if you can find someone who is high on him. It appears he will be sharing a bit of time and with all of the questions on the Miami offense, he is a risk. I would try to make a move while you can. I would have to say that your WR position is strong. Smith and Driver are both top 5. Vincent Jackson is a Red Zone monster. SD gets into a passing situation in the redzone and Rivers looks right to Jackson. He should have 8-12 TD's this season. Joe horn is aging more and more, however Atlanta may have to throw the ball a lot this year to come from behind. He may not be to bad in the long run as a fill in for bye weeks. Chambers, well he isn't quite what he was hyped to be out of college. However, I do feel that his production will pick up just a bit this season. The one thing hurting him are the questions at QB and the O-Line. But the throws have to go to either him or Booker. One thing helping Chambers is Ted Ginn Jr. When Ginn is on the field defenses will have to respect his speed and this could get Chambers into one on one situations where he can use his size to help him. TE should be ok, One of the top guys in the league (even though he is old) there isn't much else on the team to be throwing to. Watson will be a good fill in for Gonzo on his bye week. Defense will surprise some people. The Packers D will really actually be your number one D. They will surprise some people. They have a great front four. Their LBs are young, strong, and fast. The DB's are getting better and better. Woodson has been an excellent replacement for McKenzie. Look for the Packers D to surprise teams this season with their speed. Robbie Gould at kicker is a good thing as well. With the Bears having Rex Grossman throwing the ball, Gould should get plenty of FG opportunities. Grossman has a tendency of shooting the team in the foot when they get near the goalline. All in all, I would have to say that you are pretty well set for your season. I wouldn't do too much different. Although you may want to watch a guy like Sydney Rice in Minnesota. If he comes on strong he may be a guy you can pick up to fill in for players rather than using the dinosaur known as Horn.

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    You should be able to get a stud RB, either D. Williams, S. Jackson, LT or maybe even Forte. The top two QBs (Brees and Brady) both went early in my draft, so if they're not available get another good RB with your second pick. (15th overall) If a top 2 QB is available then pick him up. Then pick the best player available. Good luck!!!

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    With the fifth pick I would still go RB. Names like Deangelo Williams, LT, Steven Jackson, Chris Johnson, or Frank Gore should be available. If somehow a Matt Forte or even MJD falls to you take them, if not I would go with Frank Gore he's a workhorse and Mike Singletary is going to pound the rock, but you can't go wrong with D-Williams he's a stud he had a slow start last year but rushed for over 1,500 yards and 20 TD's!

    Source(s): I had the fifth pick
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    Always pick best player available until your needs are filled at each position. Here are two great articles listing the top players.

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