Are nightmares about my boyfriend while pregnant normal?

I am now 15 weeks pregnant today i have just recently stopped having dreams about my boyfriend ( my baby's father ) the dreams were very disturbing. I had a dream i would say every time i went to sleep and they were about him sleeping with another women i have spoke to him about it and he keeps telling me there is nothing to worry about that there is nothing going on and he stays with me but are these things normal during pregnancy???

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    Totally normal hun. When your pregnant you get way to over emotional. I have been having bad dreams like that too. I have dreams that my boyfriend is going out with girls when I'm at home. He says I'm just dreaming it since he spends every second of the day with me.

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    I think it's just a pregnancy thing, I have the exact same dreams about my husband and I know he isn't cheating on me. We havent been intimate in a while because of pregnancy problems, and I always feel ugly I think that's why I have those dreams just tell you b/f to pay more attention to you and the dreams will eventually go away.

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    Yes they are normal lol.. Im 4 months pregnant and always having random dreams, And most of them are about my boyfriend, Aparently its because pregnant women fell insecure about them selves because of all the changes and hormones which make you dream about things like cheating etc.. Nothing to worry about thou =] x

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    Ha ha completely normal.

    I had a dream where my hubby "cheated" on me with Megan Fox and he threw her off a boat to hide the evidence and she came to me crying saying she was so sorry and we became friends lol.

    But, I always tell my hubby about them via text when I wake up (he's already left for work by then), and once the texts were sent in reverse so he got "I can't believe you cheated on me!" first and something like "I had a dream you cheated on me with megan fox". lol. And he started freaking out saying he would never ha ha. It was pretty funny. Poor guy.

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    You are probably just now starting to show and so you may be worried that he will not find you attractive. Don't worry about the dreams and trust me, once that baby is out, it doesn't take long before you snap back!

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  • i posted the same question about 2 months ago.

    yes it is normal, but very disturbing. my dreams were about my bf (the babys father) also. i was having dreams where he got killed a few times, and i actually saw the death in my dream.. the blood and guts and everything. it was disturbing, but yes its completely normal.

    Source(s): 23 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.
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    Ha the same thing happens to me. I'll dream that my boyfriend is sleeping with other women then I wake up and call him mad and ask him why he is cheating on me then hes like what are you talking about?!!

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    Oh yeah there normal. Pregnancy dreams are the worst. They go all over the place.

  • don't feel bad i had a dream that i was in labor with my son called my hubby and he said sorry i cant come im sleeping with 50 woman at once and told me to have fun

    then other dreams i would have is me sleeping with other famous men..

    good luck with the baby..

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    1 decade ago

    Wow I'm about six weeks pregnant having the EXACT same thing happening to me.

    hopefully we'll get our answer.

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