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Hot day with a hot tired dog?

Its a really hot day today were i live and i have to dogs a golden retriever and a mutt (the mutt looks like a basset hound). My mutt could care less about the weather and he is fine but my golden retriever is so HOT!! he is panting, hiding behind furniture trying to keep him cool and i want to do something to cool him down. i don't have a pool to let him swim, i have a moderate sized back yard, a sprinkler maybe to let him run around in (he loves water) i cant bring him to the beach cuz you cant have dogs on the beach at all in the summer i cant bring him to a swimming area at all cuz theres poison ivy there and i get it baddly and idk what to do!!! plz tell me some more ideas i can do to cool him down. he is such a sweet kind dog and he is three years old and a very healthy dog!!!

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  • Jessie
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    Heatstroke is a real risk. If you are genuinely concerned that he is overheated, apply cool (not icy) compresses to the junction between his hind legs and his body. Super cold compresses can throw him into shock.

    If you even suspect heatstroke, call your vet for advice.

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    Let him drink a lot of water and run around in the sprinkler. Also, let him eat some ice, let it melt a little in your hand first though. also, (if you don't mind wet dog smell or getting a sponge dirty) get a bucket of water, (cool not cold) and run the sponge on his back. of spray him with the hose. One of those things I said would work.

  • daa
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    My dog likes playing in the sprinkler and eating ice cubes. I also have a cheap plastic kiddie pool that I fill up on hot days for her to splash around in.

  • Anonymous
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    We have a plasctic kiddy pool for our lab. We fill it up with cool water and toss a toy into it... you should see how much fun he has playing in it! If you have any trees in your backyard you can put it in the shade. I bet your golden would absolutly love it! They are super cheap at wal-mart especially now that fall is just about here! Sprinklers are fun too!

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  • babin
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    confirm he has various cool clean water obtainable besides as shade. warm climate does look to make my canines much less energetic, their each and on a daily basis walks look tougher whilst it relatively is warmer. it is notably familiar. it relatively is an identical for human beings, in case you ran around you backyard at sixty 5 F or 86 F, you may notice a distinction in how promptly you acquire drained. as long as he's on a exceptional high quality kibble (Orijen, Acana, Blue desolate tract, well being center), observed the vet once you acquire him (so he's vaccinated/checked), ingesting plenty, and getting exercising he could be high quality - in basic terms a splash exhausted. If he's not peeing, very torpid, has sunken eyes, dry mouth, or seems depressed those are signs and indications of dehydration. ETA: verify you have puppy neutered at 6 months! Congrats on the recent canines, domestic canines are exciting.

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    Keep him in the shade and wet his belly with cold water. Dogs cool off faster when you put the water on their belly as opposed to their back. Put a fan near him and encourage him to lay on a cool tiled surface like in the kitchen. Also make sure you combed out his fur in case there is any unnecessary fur on him that will make him hotter. I feel bad when my dog pants a lot too, but as long as you do this and makes sure he drinks water, its the best you can do :-)

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    You can buy a mat from a company called coolzone. They're pretty expensive but it's great for the dogs. They take about 10mins to become solid and then stay at 54F for 4 hours. The other thing you could do is give your dog ice cubes the chew on (mist LOVE this) or buy some frozen toys from your local pet store. Things like chilly bone and dogzilla icicle pops.

  • g g
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    Give him ice cubes to chew on. Let him play in the hose. Give him a luke warm bath or shower. Put cool, not cold, wet towels on his stomach and feet. You can also look into getting one of those hard plastic toddler pools to put in the yard. Doesn't take much to fill or empty. You can even go on your local Freecycle group and ask for one for free. and type in your town and state.

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    The sprinkler is wonderful and you can fill up the tub with cool water and let him lay in that.

  • Bill L
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    Well you have a sprinkler to cool him outside.. Inside use your air conditioner. If you don't have one use a box fan and let it blow on him. Always have fresh water for him. Oh let him lick ice cubes.


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