According to Obama's own words, shouldn't Kennedy have opted out of expensive cancer treatments and.....?

just have been given "something for the pain"?

This is the type of health care Obama & his buddies are promoting for the elderly. I am not a Kennedy (nor Bush, nor Obama) supporter, but isn't it funny that Obama's advice about 'end of life' counseling doesn't apply to everyone? If libs are so interested in saving money by limiting care to the elderly, why didn't Kennedy fit into that category - his insurance was paid for by tax dollars too.


oohhboth - Kennedy received top of the line cancer treatments - my point is that Obama said an elderly woman shouldn't have gotten a pacemaker because of the expense and that she was old and going to die soon anyway - "She should have just gotten something for the pain". That's exactly what he said about the elderly receiving any type of expensive treatments, and chemo is much more costly than a pacemaker procedure.

Update 2:

Obama was at a town hall meeting - a man told him his 104 year old grandmother received a pacemaker when she was 100. Obama's answer was as I stated above. I saw it live, apparently some didn't.

Update 3:

Thanks, No Shortage - it was a woman, my mistake, but the rest of my comments are 100% true, and the video says it all!

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    Actually, no, because Kennedy was a member of Congress and they are exempt from Medical Murder because we all know how valuable they are to the country and the world and how badly we would suffer without our loyal, faithful representatives.

    (I saw the town hall meeting, by the way, and it was chilling, disgusting, and made me sick and angry. Here is the link for anyone who hasn't seen it or would like to see it again. Watch it on an empty stomach, please.)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We should all be given something for the pain he (and McCain) caused us trying multiple times to sneak that "DREAM" Act through.

    Perfect example that "divide and conquer" is powerless against unity of a People, self-governed.

    The worshipersof TObamaiah - as well as all who place faith in a single mortal (just as G. Washington predicted would characterize the devolvement of our Republic) - will never hear the truth any more than those who worshiped Bush, Clinton, Bush, etc.

    Yes, Kennedy should have shown the conviction and practiced what he preached. But, then, he espoused wind energy, right?

    So, why did he hire a panel of some sixtenn lawyers to stifle plans for a row of wind-turbines to be built some twenty miles from the families Massechusettes compound?


  • 4 years ago

    He would have had generic health insurance like every other American. The Doctor would be able to do what ever it takes to save him as soon as he could convince a government bureaucrat that it was necessary and that Sen Kennedy would live long enough to pay it back in taxes. Assuming that age-related rationing hadn't kicked in yet. Assuming that there were enough doctors practicing. In reality, under ObamaCare, if the cancer didn't get him while he was waiting for government permission, old age probably would.

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    If he wasn't in the senate plan and if he wasn't a Kennedy, they would not have done all those expensive treatments that he did receive, more than likely. He would have gotten a pain pill and end of life counsel ling.

    The elite will go on getting nothing but the best while the rest of us.....

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  • R J
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    1 decade ago

    Too bad he didn't live in Oregon and then could have clued the country in first hand like the lady that they wouldn't give the 'expensive pills" to, but did offer the $50 pill to end her life. Real creeps and what goes around comes around.

    You would think the Congress would pay for their own, I mean last year the lobbyist bribed, I mean donated over $3.2 billion to our House and Senate members.

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  • TomT
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    1 decade ago

    It would seem as though he should, but my personal thinking is that Kennedy should have had to suffer the effects of drowning a good number of years ago and saved the entire nation his warped liberal thinking in all the years since. I always suspected the guy had something wrong with his brain.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I hear you. What would resolve a lot of problems with ObamaCare is if congress would not exempt themselves AND their union bed fellows from ObamaCare.

    Congress creates ObamaCare for "the people". Yet they are better then "the people" and exempt themselves.

    I thought the day of privileged king and queen royalty had ended 200 years ago.

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    1 decade ago

    He was old. Maybe he should have received some of Obama's "advanced care planning" consults that would be mandatory. Oops, congress wouldn't have Obama-care. Only the regular people get the sub-standard plan!

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    If Kennedy voted for us to have the Obamacare then yes he should not have had treatment. He was going to die anyway according to our new rules!

  • 1 decade ago

    probably not because Congress, Unions, Community Organizers, etc. wouldn't be on the same plan as the public, even though the [taxpaying] public, including the elderly who paid into the system for decades, would pay for their plan too.

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