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What weapon should the murderer in my novel use? Scissors or a carving knife?

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    Scissors would have more of an impact. It certainly would be more personal than a carving knife, especially if you use the right kind of scissors. One from a manicure set or one used to cut embroidery thread wouldn't leave much more than a scratch unless the victim was already unconscious and the killer used them to cut the victim's wrists. Pinking shears wouldn't work because they're not sharp enough. They certainly would leave a wide hole if they were used like a screwdriver--straight to the gut, for instance. Kitchen shears would be similar to pinking shears although the serrated edge would be finer-edged than pinking shears. Dressmaker scissors come in various lengths. What you could do is have the scissors come partly open during a struggle, nicking the killer, and leaving a drop of his/her blood behind. It would go unnoticed until the autopsy.

    Is it a crime of passion or opportunity? A woman might have easier access to scissors instead of a man depending on where the murder takes place. If it's premeditated, the woman might go out and buy a new knife rather than lose one of her good ones. It's rather cliche to have a knife missing from the kitchen cabinet or knife block. Scissors could be easily concealed.

    Interesting choice of weapons. Good luck with your story.

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    depends. is it a murder of passion? or convenience?

    because if it was planned and the murder already had the object, then i would definately go with the carving knife. a knife just seems more personal. also, there would be multiple knife wounds, not just one. the murderer would stab even after the death,

    but say, for example, these two people were in a room, and one just gave the other horrible news, that could ruin him forever. the latter would simply grab the closest object to kill with. scissors are usually left out, possibly on someone's work desk. when the man turns his back, the second, without thinking, grabs the scissors and plunges them into his back, but only once, until he notices what he's done. he hides the body, then flees.

    but, this is how i would write it

    hope this helps?

  • Anonymous
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    When Grace Kelly used the scissors in Alfred Hitchcock 's "Dial 'M' for Murder," I kinda laughed at the idea of someone dying from a single stab wound from a scissors, but Hitch (and Grace) made it work in that film masterpiece.

    So go ahead and use the scissors, as, if not an 'homage' but perhaps as a tip o' the hat to the director that was known as "The Master."

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    This all depends on the method of the murder. Knives are quite a bit sharper then scissors, but then again, few people are alarmed t seeing scissors.

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    Scissors! There is no competition here; scissors are much more evil, messy and a much more unique way to murder someone.

  • Anonymous
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    Ooooh....scissors definitely. Much more Original!!! I love the idea.....its actually quite good. Definately scissors. :)

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    scissors! make it unsuspecting as well like he/she is cutting something out , which would seem inncocent and childlike then they strike :)! or you could use a carving knife and make it be a dark room with them carving(sharpenning) a peice of wood, while humming to a creepy tune .. while the vicctim walks in!

    hah i got a bit carried away :P

    answer mine if you can please xx;_ylt=AiyvY...

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    no as long as we are presuming that all of us be attentive to that he's there i might do between here. a million. shoot him if I unquestionably have a gun 2. hit him with a blunt merchandise 3. run its greater reliable to kill somebody with a knife than you think of. have you ever tried to charm to on somebody with a marker? Its sorta like that, purely the guy products somewhat greater.

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    I see too many carving knives on CSI. It's way too overplayed

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    scissors...they seem to be more violent..kinda i just like that idea

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