How to get my 8 month old back on track . . .?

My son is 8 months old - from 3 months on he has been sleeping through the night and eating well during the day. Well, for the past 2 weeks, he has been waking up to eat once or twice in the night, and during the day is refusing his bottle or only taking a few bites of food here and there. Sometimes I will let him cry and he will fall back asleep, other times he will scream and scream till I go get him. Also, from the night drinking, he is also wetting more in the night, so then he needs to be changed too. How do I get him back on track? I tried holding him off from eating for awhile during the day, to make sure he was really hungry when he got his bottle, but he still only took a couple ounces. Is this normal for a baby around his age? Maybe teething? Any suggestions are appreciated!

ps - due to reflux he has cereal in his bottles (dr's orders), I also feed him solids twice a day, sometimes 3 - the last feeding closer to bed time so he is getting full before bed.


versantly - are you a dr? I will probably follow my son's dr's orders on the reflux issue, but thanks for your input . . .

I did check his gums, I don't see or feel anything that I haven't felt for a month already :( I wish they would hurry so he can be comfortable! At night he eats nicely because he is half sleeping. It is almost like when he is awake he is too busy to eat.

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    he sounds like he's teething, my son refuses to eat while teething and it makes the night rough!

    You could try teething tablets (find them in any health food store) or Tylenol. ( i suggest tablets first!!)

    My son just popped out 3 teeth in a week, that was rough! But he's back on track again!

    Check out his gums!!

    Good Luck!

    Note: My sons gums never looked inflamed or anything either, but he was sure cranky!

    If you thinking it's a reflux issue you could tilt his crib mattress.

    I tried that with my 'happy spitter' of a son and it helped but he usually ended up at the foot of his crib by morning!

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    My son was the same with food and bottle during teething. I used baby oragel (only before bottle, never before food) and tylenol. You can also try the teethers with the net, these are great for an ice cube my son liked that alot.

    He is also a "happy spitter" so i'm with you in the same laundry, cleaning carpet, changing clothes boat that your in.

    As far as the wetting increase it could be a result of incresed saliva. Try overnights and get them a size up from your regular diapers.

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    this is what parenting is all about -learning to adapt to your child's needs. relax & stop fighting. reflux is NEVER treated by serving cereal in a bottle. feed cereal from a bowl with a spoon. eliminate all cow's milk products & increase the babe's dose of probiotics. seek the advice of a GI doctor.

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