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Pittsburgh Pirates last night's game?

Was anyone else proud of our Pirates for their performance last night? I mean, come on, no one thought we would win against the Phillies and that home run in the first inning looked like it pretty much sealed the deal. But then we came back in the 9th when McCutchin won the game for us with that home run- I was pretty proud :)

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    I think it was pretty priceless to see the faces of all the Phillies' fans after McCutchen hit the walk-off HR last night. I wish Matt Capps would have nailed the 9th down though. But I wasn't too surprised he gave up the lead because he was throwing the ball right down the middle against one of the MLB's best offenses. And a 1 run lead against the defending champs isn't much to really call a lead in my opinion because you know they are going to find a way to tie it up or take the lead which the Phillies did.

    But yes I am proud of the Pirates and to win the game in such thrilling fashion, it was unbelievable!! Hopefully the Pirates will continue to go out there and play well. That's all you can really ask for. GO BUCS!!!!!

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    I wouldn't say McCutchen won the game, I would say Brad Lidge lost the game. But that's just anger from a Phillies fan, so don't pay any attention to me. The Pirates are not a good team, so I give them credit for staying in a close game with the Phils and winning.

    <---- ABL= Anybody But Lidge

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    If Madison pitched, the Pirates would have lost. That's all I really need to say on that.

    The Pirates closer is horrendous against the Phillies. Something like 5 runs in a total 1.1 inning against us or something.

    Both teams need to use different closers tonight. Whichever team doesn't have its head up their --- when it comes to this will win tonight.

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    The Pirates played well and they beat the Phillies fair and square. As a Phillies fan however, I knew they were in deep trouble as soon as Lidge was put in to close with only a one run lead. He was the best last year but this year he needs at least a three run lead and unassisted triple plays to save a game.

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    well the only blemish on the game was Matt Capps blowing the lead in the 9th...again. McClutchen came through in the clutch again. Its always good to start out with a win against the reigning world champs. Ross the Boss will get it done today

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    Pirates in 11. 5-4. walk-off homerun

  • When Brad Lidge gave those two hits, I already knew that he was up for another blown save. Then I saw McCuthen come up ( the NL Rookie of the Year ), I knew he was going to atleast get a hit but he hits a homerun, and I was like WOW.

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    Let's Go Bucs! I am rooting for their young players to develop. Pittsburgh has a beautiful stadium. Is the organization trying to win?

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    Go Bucks! If we can get back to .500, we won't break the record we're tied for now: most consecutive loosing seasons in ANY Major League sport. It's like you say: Don't give up, miracles happen every day!

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    as long as Charlie of Mayberry continues to ignore the fact that Lidge can't pitch three games in a row let alone 4, any team is going to have a shot.

    No team beats the Phillies these days, they beat themselves.

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