is it possible for engg students to do a project on cloud computing and deploy them,wat d b d cost n challenge?

is cloud computing a wise option for doing a final year engg project?wat technology should be used, and how to get started?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Cloud computing can be done using any network. The easiest way to demonstrate it would be to have a database on one computer and two servers on two different computers. MySQL and PostgreSQL are both easy to use, and Apache comes with a good configuration right out of the box and doesn't require a lot of know how. Finally, you are going to want a scripting interpreter in a language your students know, and a mod file for Apache using that language.

    You then have your students write an upload form and a download form, each one connecting to the database. The upload form will be on one computer, and the download form on another.

    To demonstrate the versatility of cloud computing, you can back up the database onto another computer, have your students write a script that will try to connect to both databases, and then alternately turn both computers off and show that the script still works. Explain that as long as the data is synced at some point, it doesn't actually matter where it is located.

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  • 4 years ago

    Well ... let's put it this way -- these are interesting thoughts -- but ... For someone that has ALWAYS been in Honors Programs (yes, I am/was the A student), I do use my intelligence to creatively solve the problems, do the research, think up solutions, and (at times) do multi-task (after all, since I was a Long Term Single Parent -- Multi-Tasking IS the name for ANY Single Parent -- and I am so not a neat freak -- although I do organize a LOT of my home) ... I'd say that I was not so much there for pleasing my parents (and I'd go so far to say that I had an INTERNAL (meaning I wanted to be this way) impetus to ALWAYS do my BEST no matter what -- and to keep working hard all my life. (For that matter -- I've never been a 'partier' at all -- and I stink at selling/marketing).

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