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Would you do this trade?

Greg Jennings and Derrick Ward .... For .... Eddie Royal and Pierre Thomas....

Who would you rather have?!!?!!? And why?

I'd be getting Ward and Jennings

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    there is plenty of upside to either set of players. I, along with most other people would rather have the jennings/ward set because jennings is a beast and we dont know what to expect out of royal/pierre. Royal had a great season last year, but he is still only a second year receiver and he dosn't have the same QB or coaching staff as last year. Not to mention that the qb of the broncos was dramatically downgraded to orton. Pierre had some good games last year, but he is still sort of splitting time with Bush, and might have a poor season.

    Jennings on the other hand is a solid player with a great qb and a solid system around him. He was a leading receiver last year and is likely to put up great stats this year.

    Ward is sort of a wildcard because they have 3 good RBs in tampa, but tampa did pay allot of money to ward (more than the other RBs) and has alot of talent, and i would assume that he will be the starter.

    take jennings and ward...

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    Much rather have Greg jennings and Derrick ward. This is a total joke if someone did this trade

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    Royal and Thomas are number 2's on there teams, Ward is a 1st stringer i' dont know about Jennings. I'd take it.

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    yes make the trade jennings has a good qb and royal had kyle orton plus pierre thomas shares carrys anyway

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  • Yes great trade for you.

  • trip
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    1 decade ago

    Just Do IT!

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