355 chevy SBC for camaro?

A friend of mine is upgrading to a 383 so he decided to give me his 30k mile 355 complete engine... He said its bone stock...030 over with cast rods, cast -10 crank and regular gm flat top pistons and crane cam... the only problem is that he wants to keep his double hump heads and holley intake... now that I think about, I wouldn't mind getting myself a pair of AFR 180 eliminator heads and perhaps a nice JR victor intake, I just gotta save a little. lol. Now my question is...would I make any really nice HP with that combination??? my buddy says i'll be pushing a good 400 hp, but although hes a good friend, i highly doubt his word.... everytime I hear about fast motors, they have tricked out forged pistons, scat cranks, forged rods etc. I don't plan on screwing around with the shortblock, i just want to know if the combination i just described would be a nice fit, for those expereinced mechanics, how much HP do you think the motor will be producing??? (just a little insight, the local core wholesale place around my vicinity is selling the afr 180 heads for $700 supposedly off a wrecked car..... THANKS FOR YOUR HELP LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!


The car has H pipe exhaust, with dual delta flow 50 series flowmasters. Also, i just contacted my buddy, and he said he has Hedman headers he can sell me for 100 bux, he said they should fit fine. good???

Update 2:

Hey Guys, thanks for the answers I really appreciate all your help. The car the engine is going into is a 69 camaro i inheritated a few months back. Slowly I'm loving the automotive industry becuase i learn something interesting daily, its exciting. lol.

Now, I plan on purchasing a complete Mutha Thumpr set (comp cam) off ebay, includes lifters, springs, cam, everything adequate to fit with the lift, specs etc, (K-KIT #K12-602-4) and I already contacted the shop so they can hold the heads for me. As for the intake I'm thinking of an edelbrock air gap RPM intake off summit, and a holley 750cfm. what do you guys think now??

Update 3:

It's official, I already purchased the afr 180 heads (almost brand new for 650/w receipt from summit @ 1400).... now, since most of you tell me a solid lift cam is better, would something like this be more convinient?


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    I think it will be around 400 if you change the cam and put the 180's on it. Now far the fuel. High rise manifold and 680-750 carb.Gonna be expensive 3K

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    RUN away from the Comp stuff. It is MASS produced junk that is not even ground by them in house. I am a cam designer. Our founder wrote their cam design program back in 1977, which they have totally destroyed, IMHO. Comp is nothing more than a marketing company as far as where their talents are. There is a reason why they HAVE to spend millions in advertising each year.

    And Crane is no more.

    Unless you run a solid lifter cam, don't use the Victor Jr. Sure it's a great street manifold for high rpm usage. Unless you have a cam that is going to run in the 3500-7000+ RPM range, the Victor JR is going to murder your low rpm manners and power.

    And unless you are going to cam it with a solid lifter cam to take advantage of the greatness of the AFR heads, use a pair of stock vortec heads instead.

    You can install all of the high flowing bolt on items you can dream up. Engines being the air pumps that they are, are controlled by the cam in terms of their air flow demands. Until you cam accordingly and hence increase the engine's volumetric effectiveness by so doing, you are going to get VERY little for your money and efforts in buying heads, intakes, etc.

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    Most stock engines could have more HP if they could get enough fuel and air through them. They are restricted through the heads intake and carb. So adding better heads etc... will gain ya power. Be sure to get correct intake and carb for the cam you plan on using. I port my own heads and port match the intake to the heads and port match the exhaust ports to the headers. You are planning on installing headers right? Restricting the exhaust can also rob horsepower so headers are a cheap way to let the exhaust flow better. The larger tubes the better. Also mufflers are a must none of us want tickets but there is decent mufflers available that restrict a lot less than stock ones.

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    No way 400hp with flat tops.I wouldnt be too concerned with hi flow heads with flat tops either.You didnt say what the specs of the cam are,but that is critical in knowing before you decide on intake and carb.The 5 cubes from stock is really nothing,my best guess as described is,sorry,alot closer to 300hp than 400hp.

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    It will have around 425 hp if you use proper cam with your heads. Victor jr is wrong intake use rpm air gap dual plane and that cam with flat tops it will run great750 cfm carb

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