is the facebook farmville tractor worth buying?

im thinking of buying one but i need to find out what they do good.

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    The tractor plows 4 crops, but it can also plow 1, 2, or 3 crops that have been harvested already. The tractor is a lot more faster then the person (i think). The gas recharges itself (for me, it doesn't take long because I don't have a large garden, only 2 mins to recharge)... It costs 60 coins to do 4 plows, you get 4 experience points (unless you plow 2 slots, you'll get 2 experience points, and I don't think it'll charge you 60 coins for plowing 2)... regular plow by person costs 15 coins. (15x4=60)... so it really doesn't make a difference if you plow the land yourself, or use a tractor, you're spending the same amount of coins anyways.

    Some people might like it, some people might not. The tractor did cost way to much to buy though... but I manage to get my money back by harvesting. The tractor is good when you have a lot of plowing to do.

    Hopefully I made sense, it's past my bed time lol.

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    One of my "neighbors" bought one and it's always out of gas (for some reason the free fill up doesn't happen every day).

    It is way over-priced. It costs 15 coins per plot to plow and the tractor costs 30,000 coins. I am not sure if you still have to pay the 15 coins per plot on top of that. Long and longer time getting your money's worth.

    It's easier to click to harvest, hold until it's processed and then click again to plow. Once you get in a rhythm the plowing goes pretty fast. The tractor does 2 or 4 plots at a time, but floats around just like the plow cursor does, so it's not that easy to control.

    I decided to save my coin for more land.

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    is a good handbook specifically in case you're a newbie, for greater pro gamers it would provide you some good suggestion and suggestions, besides is nicely worth each penny in case you're a newbie. So for beginners that's an incredible purchase... and for specialists can provide some added suggestions.

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    The tractor enables you to plow 2x2 squares, but only a few before you run out of gas! You can get a free "tractor bot" at, I've tried it, works, free, they will be adding more stuff to it and it will cost money later.

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    I find it easier to build a fence around my person, and then she cant walk around, so its instant, the planting and harvesting. try it! it works!

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