Hinduism::In Mahabharata, What is the meaning of "Akshouhini Sena (army)"? How were it formed?

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    Formation of Akshouhini(अक्षौहिणी) Army:-

    a)1 Patti(पत्ति)= 3 horse, 1 elephant, 5 foot-soldiers and 3 horses.

    b)3 Patti(पत्ति) = 1 Senamukha(सेनामुख)

    c)3 Senamukha(सेनामुख) = 1 Gulma(गुल्म)

    d)3 Gulma(गुल्म) = 1 Gana(गण)

    e)3 Gana(गण) = 1 Vaahini(वाहिनी)

    f)3 Vaahini(वाहिनी) = 1 Pritana(पृतना)

    g)3 Pritana(पृतना) = 1 Chamoo(चमू)

    h)3 Chamoo(चमू) = 1 Aneekani(अनीकिनी)

    i)10 Aneekani(अनीकिनी) = 1 Akshouhini(अक्षौहिणी)

    so 1 Akshouhini(अक्षौहिणी) Army segment is formed with :-

    a)21,870 Chariots

    b)21,870 Elephants

    c)65,610 Horses

    d)1,09,350 Foot-soldiers.

    Altogether 2,18,700 humans and 87,480 animals would together form an Akshouhini Army.

    In Mahabharata 18 Akshouhini Armies were destroyed,

    Therefore, 39,36,600 humans and 15,74,640 animals were killed.

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    An Akshauhini (Sanskrit: अक्शौहिनि), was an ancient battle formation that consisted of 21,870 chariots (Sanskrit ratha); 21,870 elephants; 65,610 horse-mounted warriors and 109,350 infantry, as per the Mahabharata (Adi Parva 2.15-23). (ratio - 1 chariot : 1 elephant : 3 horse-mounted warriors : 5 infantry soldiers) In each of these large number groups (65,610, etc.), the digits add up to 18.

    Akshouhini is the term described for chaturanga sena[army].Chaturang sena means one which has ,chariots ,elephants ,horses and soldiers.One akshouhini is

    170 sets of 21000 elephants

    170 sets of 21000 chariots

    610 sets of 65000 Horses

    9350 sets of 100000 soldiers Army.

    That makes up 108 crores of Army in one akshouhini.

    Mahabharath was fought among 18 akhshouhini army

    Kauravas had 11 Akshouhini army

    Pandavas had 7 Akshouhini army

    some people opine akshouhini means around 200000 army

    But this does not seem to be correct as this gives as total army in Mahabharath as roughly 360000 only . But Kauravas had raised army from all over the world .And each country was known to have more than 1 lakh of army .

    Also Srikrishna was 68 years old at the time of mahabharath war. He had 16108 wives . each had borne him 10 sons and a daughter. These themselves make a 1 lakh 61 thousand + their armies ,ie Yadavas + [1000000 Narayani sena ] which fought from Kauravas side.

    Thus akshouhini cannot be just 200000 soldiers.

    Bheemasena alone single handedly killed 6 akshouhini sena in 10 days.

    that is 648 crores in 18 days

    36 crores in a day[ average]

    36 crores in 12 hours [ 6 am to 6 pm]

    3 crores per hour

    around 5 lakhs per minute.

    85000 in a second [warriors and equal amount of elephants horses]

    What kind of martial arts this could be.

    Fighting non stop 12 hours in a day and on a killing spree

    killing not just ordinary but well trained warriors

    This speaks of immense strength of Bheemasena.

    Bheeshma killed a 1 akshouhini sena in 18 days

    120 years old man killing so many people in a war speaks a lot about yogic powers and divine nature of these yodhas.

    Indeed entire kshatriya clan was wiped out in the war .

    Most of the people born then as warriors were Devatas .

    Their offspring would be also divine in nature

    But God wanted Kaliyuga to start immediately after Mahabharata .

    These divine offsprings would never let that happen .

    hence he eliminated them in the name of war, left this world for the ordinary , and for kali to take over .

    Pandavas ruled for 35 years.

    Their son Parikshit carried on, and dynasty lasted for 1000 years.

    Follow the link below...for more information...Hope it was helpful........

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      the first paragraph was right but then it just got exaggerated till the end.. The ratio is indeed 1:1:3:5 and total people who fought adds up to roughly 39 lakhs by that calculation. The source mentioned is also right. The rest is made up without giving any source.

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    The Akshouhini is roughly equivalent to the regiment of the modern day military.

    One Akshouhini constituted 21,870 chariots, 21870 elephants, 65610 horses and 1,09,350 foot-soldiers. The total number of soldiers comes up to (109350 + 65610 + 21870 + 21870) = 218700. Adding the charioteers and mahouts (assuming one per chariot and elephant), the total number of people involved in one Akshouhini comes to (218700 + 21870 + 21870) = 262440.

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    Mahabharata Definition

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    It is an ancient battle formation that consisted of 21,870 chariots (Sanskrit ratha); 21,870 elephants; 65,610 horse-mounted warriors and 109,350 infantry

    The ratio is - 1 chariot : 1 elephant : 3 horse-mounted warriors : 5 infantry soldiers - 1:1:3:5... This basic block is named as 1 Pati,

    3-Pati forms 1-Senamugam

    3-Senamugam forms 1-Gulmam

    3-Gulmam forms 1-Ganam

    3-Ganam forms 1-Vahini

    3-Vahini forms 1-Birudanai

    3-Birudanai forms 1-Samu / Sena - head is Senapati

    3-Samu forms 1-Anihini

    10-Anihini forms 1-Akshauni - head is Maha senapati

    And each of this above said group had a head - and it is pyramid structure to organize and plan the attack.

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    Most on some level feel we have forgotten something although most may not be able to vocalize it in this way. We talk of Remembering our first estate. Some have in their scriptures stories of a time when man walked with God, experienced oneness, & then experienced separation from that which is our Source. Their stories & POV vary from culture to culture, the way to Remembering vary from culture to culture but basically they are all the same. It is that dull, dim, often unconscious realization of something missing or lost that we seek. Man projects by nature, it is what perception is based upon. The question is no different & most begin by looking outside to fill a perceive space within that is only dimly remembered was once filled. Who, what, where, when, & how we are, all the basic questions that will be answered by all & eventually lead us back to Remembrance. May we all come to Remembrance! Many Blessings!

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    One Akshouhini = One lakhs = 10 million

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    They need do way instain....nevermind.

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