What product or technique do you use on scratches and swirls?

I use nu finish scratch doctor but i feel it's not that great, so what do you use?

and, is there a technique you use to get scratches/swirls out?

also, someone keyed my precious minivan, is there a way to get it off/ cover it up?

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    Getting scratches out depends on the depth of them. If you can feel them with your fingernail going across them, they are too deep to be polished out. If they are just white or 'scuff' marks, they can be polished out.

    As far as swirl marks, these are removed by polishing. This is different from buffing although the same tools and techniques are involved. A less aggressive polish is used for polishing.

    Rent or buy a buffer. NOT an orbital waxer. Only a buffer will work for this. Then you will need to find a paint jobber that sells 3M products and get a bottle of foam pad polish and a foam waffle pad. You may also have to get a Velcro backing pad.

    Turn the buffer speed no higher than 2000 R.P.M. A waffle pad can generate a lot of heat and melt the polish onto the finish. IT can be removed with washing and rubbing, but then you just lose the purpose of the polish. And you don't want to burn the finish or warp any panels.

    Before you start polishing, cover any raw plastic with tape and paper. The polish will leave white dots in it from the sling. Put a little polish on a flat panel and polish a one foot by one foot area at a time. Make sure the car is clean as well before you start. Any vertical panels, put the polish on the pad first and smear it on the panel, then start to polish. When the polish gets caked on the pad, just rinse it with water and wring it out and get it as dry as you can before starting again. To see if your getting the swirls out, look across the finish at a 45 degree angle. Once you are satisfied, untape the plastic, wash and wax.

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    Only way to remove all swirls, scratches, oxidation, and other paint defects is by machine polishing. I use both a high speed rotary polisher and a dual action orbital polisher. No amount of hand polishing will match what you can do by machine.

    Re: keying, sometimes the key marks can be sanded down and buffed out to almost invisible. But if the marks are down to the primer or steel, the area has to be repainted. You can buy touch up paint at an auto parts store and fix it yourself.

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