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MLS: Predict results/scores for Week24?

RealSaltLake v. Chivas (28/44/46)

Seattle v. Toronto (25/44/54)

New England v. San Jose (23/46/69)

Chicago v. DC United (24/46/56)

Kansas City v. RealSaltLake (29/44/43)

Los Angeles v. Chivas (28/44/44)

Colorado v. Houston (33/44/36)

New York v. Columbus (46/46/27)

POINTS GAME: In parentheses are the points, based on game-betting odds, you'll get for each correct prediction (Home/Tie/Away).

Correctly picking underdogs gets more points.

Basic goal is to get at least 100 points.

{Game 1 Wednesday; Games 2-6 Saturday: Games 7-8 Sunday}


W23: PresidentCamacho

W22: ArjanA

W21: Pimpin'

W20: Henry

W19: Henry

W18: John

W17: Kido

W16: PatintheHat

W15: Rojiblanco

W14: HTX281Toluca, Goat

W13: Rojiblanco

W12: Amethystium

W11: Goat

W10: QuestionMarkMan

W9: QuestionMarkMan

W8: Kevin

W7: Pimpin'

W3: Pimpin'

W2: Kevin


@Peep -- Cool, I like the analyses.

Update 2:

The 1st game, RSL v. Chivas, has begun ... picks locked in until ArjanA ... still ok to make predictions on remaining games ...

Update 3:

picks locked in...

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    RealSaltLake v. Chivas 2-1

    Seattle v. Toronto 2-1

    New England v. San Jose 3-0

    Chicago v. DC United 2-3

    Kansas City v. RealSaltLake 2-0

    Los Angeles v. Chivas 3-1

    Colorado v. Houston 1-0

    New York v. Columbus 3-0

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    Going' for 2 in a row!

    RealSaltLake 1-2 Chivas

    Seattle 2-2 Toronto

    New England 0-1 San Jose

    Chicago 1-1 DC United

    Kansas City 3-3 RealSaltLake

    Los Angeles 1-1 Chivas

    Colorado 3-0 Houston

    New York 3-1 Columbus

  • Anonymous
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    RealSaltLake 2 v. Chivas 1

    Seattle 3 v. Toronto 0

    New England 1 v. San Jose 1

    Chicago 4 v. DC United 1

    Kansas City 2 v. RealSaltLake 0

    Los Angeles 2 v. Chivas 2

    Colorado 0 v. Houston 3

    New York 0 v. Columbus 4

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    RealSaltLake 2 v. Chivas 1

    Seattle 1 v. Toronto 0

    New England 2 v. San Jose 0

    Chicago 1 v. DC United 1

    Kansas City 3 v. RealSaltLake 0 (fun fact: kc has only scored 3 goals in a game once this season)

    Los Angeles 1 v. Chivas 1

    Colorado 3 v. Houston 0

    New York 1 v. Columbus 3

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    Real Salt Lake 1 v. 2 Chivas

    Seattle 2 v. 1 Toronto

    New England 2 v. 0 San Jose

    Chicago 1 v. 1 DC United

    Kansas City 1 v. 1 RealSaltLake

    Los Angeles 2 v. 1 Chivas

    Colorado 1 v. 3 Houston

    New York 0 v. 1 Columbus

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    RealSaltLake v. Chivas 1-1

    Seattle v. Toronto 2-0

    New England v. San Jose 2-0

    Chicago v. DC United 1-2

    Kansas City v. RealSaltLake 1-1

    Los Angeles v. Chivas 2-1

    Colorado v. Houston 0-2

    New York v. Columbus 0-1

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    RealSaltLake v. Chivas 2-0

    Seattle v. Toronto 2-2

    New England v. San Jose 2-2

    Chicago v. DC United 2-1

    Kansas City v. RealSaltLake 0-0

    Los Angeles v. Chivas 4-0

    Colorado v. Houston 2-2

    New York v. Columbus 1-0

  • Kido
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    RSL 2-2 Chivas USA

    Seattle 2-1 Toronto

    Revs 1-0 SJ Earthquakes

    Fire 2-0 DC United

    Kansas 1-1 RSL

    Galaxy 3-3 Chivas USA

    Colorado 0-3 Dynamo

    Red Bulls 1-4 Crew

  • Sergio
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    1 decade ago

    Chivas 2-1 RSL

    Seattle 2-2 Toronto

    NE 2-0 SJ

    Chicago 1-1 DC

    KC 2-1 RSL

    LA 3-2 Chivas USA

    Colorado 2-4 Houston

    NY 2-2 CREW

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    RealSaltLake v. Chivas 1-1 both teams will go for scoring but will tie in the end.

    Seattle v. Toronto 2-1 One of my top matches this week going to be a fun one seattle comes out with the win.

    New England v. San Jose 3-1 NE routs the quakes and comes out shooting.

    Chicago v. DC United 2-2 defensive match up with lots of counters

    Kansas City v. RealSaltLake 1-2 I think RSL will score more but trying to give KC the benefit of the doubt.

    Los Angeles v. Chivas 2-1 LA wins this one with becks Assist..makes me sad :(

    Colorado v. Houston 2-3 Dyno come out shooting with ching leading in goals this match Colorado falls flat in end of the match

    New York v. Columbus 0-2 No match the crew stream roll the bulls

    Two games not to miss this week Of course will be LA vs. Chivas. But also the Seattle vs. Toronto. The two top how crowds for attendance in the MLS Makes for one heck of a good match

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