i have a 6 planet stellium with all my planets in capricorn.?

i forgot to mention the planets are: mercury, saturn, venus,- mars, uranus, neptune, - the first 3 in the second house and the other 3 in the first house.


im an aquarious sun with cancer moon, sagittarious ascendant and 6 planets in capricorn 5 being personal planets. could someone give me a better understanding what this actually means? especially with the major capricorn influence, and it being a 6 planet stellium which is what i was told it was. ?

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    A stellium in Capricorn would indicate a heavy Saturnial influence that would be recognizable in the personality. Depending on the aspects made to the planets in the stellium, this person is likely to be responsible, practical, commonsensical and reserved. People may see them as cold or aloof.

    Mercury here gives common-sense and a mind suited to business. This person is a practical thinker. Saturn here is in its own sign and thus very strongly placed, emphasizing the Saturnial characteristics. This person is likely to be bony in structure and takes life seriously. Venus usually adds a bit of laziness or narcissism when in the 1st house, but here it may add a taste for the finest things in life, especially those of value or high status.

    Mars in the 2nd house in Capricorn would give an ambitious nature. These people seek to gain prominence and status through their career efforts. There is likely to be an entrepreneurial spirit. Uranus gives a love for foreign affairs. There may be work abroad, this person may change jobs frequently, or they have trouble holding on to their money. Neptune gives idealism to these affairs. If afflicted monetary matters are likely to be out of order. If not these people may make money via spiritual means or by serving others.

    Source(s): 8yrs astrologer
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