what is the differences between modern standard arabic and saudi arabic?

i have this book "Ultimate arabic beginner - intermediate" and it has modern standard arabic, Egyptian arabic, Iraqi arabic, Lebanese arabic, and Saudi arabic.

how are they different?

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    Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the form of Arabic used in formal settings and in writing. It is based on Classical Arabic, the language of the Quran. Most Arabs do not distinguish between Classical Arabic and MSA (and indeed they are just two styles of writing the same language). In Arabic they are both called "Fus-ha."

    Spoken Arabic differs substantially from Fus-ha in grammar, morphology, phonology, and vocabulary. Every city, town, village, or tribe has its own dialect of Arabic. To a beginner, Spoken Arabic and Fus-ha will sound like completely different languages.

    If your purpose is to read the Quran and other religious texts, you should focus on learning Fus-ha (aka Modern Standard Arabic/Classical Arabic).

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    well let make it simple: there is standard arabic and this arabic is spoken in news a lot of tv programs news papers and we also write in standard arabic we dont write in in dialects( although some "cool" teenagers do so in chatrooms and stuff) due to the Arab worlds diversity and because many countries speak the Arabic language over the time every country got its own special dialect. Note; a dialect is diffrent from an accent a dialect envolves the use of completly diffrent words and diffrent ways of pronouncing the same letter. Nearly every arabic country has its own dialect although some countries have similar dialects like Gulf countries( saudi, Qutar etc..) and syria and lebanon has similar dialects.. egypt has its own uniqe dialect. Most Arabs will understand all diffrent dialects exept maybe for western arabia like morroco and alegeria which has verry diffrent dialect coz remember its not a diffrent language its a dialect. within every country u also have accents for example in lebanon we have a southern accent and a beirut accent. accents are just slight diffrences in the pronounciation of th word. here is an example of a sentence in standard arabic and diffrent dialects. English: i am hungry but i need the toilet standard; Ana jaa'e laken orreedo an azhab el al hamam Lebanese: Ana Jou'En bas bade rooh al hamEm syria; Ana Jou AAn bas bEdeh rooh al hamAAm Kuwait: Ana you'an bas abee arooh al hamAm Egypt: Ana Go'an bas awez arooh el hamam Saudi; Ana jou'an bas abgha arooh el hamam Iraqi: Ana you'an bas areed arooh al hamAm another eg english: what are u tomorw standard: mazza sata'fa' ghadan? Kuwaity; Shinoo Endek bacher? lebanese; Shu endak abokra? United arab emirates: Shu endek bokra? egypt: endak eh bokra? i hope i made that simple for u. :) Edit) Learn the standard one u ll understand all of them and be able to learn other dialects later. If u had to choose a specific dialect ireccomend the lebanese its more classy than egyptian. regards Dark N

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    The modern standard arabic is what you read in books or hear on some cartoons. People don't speak that way. The others are the dialects. There are several Saudi dialects though, but once you know the standard arabic, you can adapt to the dialect or learn what slang is used.

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    MSA is Standard Written Language in news , papers , poetry and education.

    The Saudi dialect varies. Hejazi etc the northern ones sound close to Levantine, the west HIjaze and east Gulf

    Levantine = Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian Jordanian and Northern Saudi

    Gulf Arabic= Gulf Areas and Saudi

    Magrebi - Tunisian ( you can speak maltese well ), Algerian, Maroc


    Iraqi- Iraq-Kuwait

    Egypt= Whores

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  • Nono
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    1 decade ago

    they are just different dialect or arabic language ..

    Fus7a arabic can be completely different that the ones that people use for conversation ..

    you have to listen to them to be able to distinguish the difference .. but i really can't describe it ..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Go to the discover section you will find this question answered multiple times.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    there is 1 Arabic Fus-ha(classic Arabic) which is the true Arabic

    and there are hundreds of local accents.

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