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Why does the US Govt practice protectionism when it comes to health care.?

If we can drive Japanese cars, and buy commodities made in China, why is it that the US govt in their effort to reduce healthcare cost is completely overlooking the possibility of allowing international health related companies to compete in the US. Are Americans being brainwashed/bullied into thinking that a Canadian prescription drug for their allergies is not the "best" and that if they want the "best" treatment, they need to stick to American medicines?. Americans are paying a high price for sticking to the "American" brand name when it comes to healthcare. It may be the best in the world, but is it "good value" for the money being spent.

1. Let international pharmacies sell FDA approved generic/international drugs in the US

2. Allow more visas for international doctors. More doctors, less waiting in that little room.

3. Outsource healthcare book-keeping and paperwork.

4. Relax barrier of entry to diagnose and treate non-critical health issues. (I should not have to pay co-pay, and take 2 hrs out of my day just so that a doc can write me a prescription cream for my itching). Let the docs deal with "real" illnesses.


I say let the public decide. If a foreign pharma "screws" up in tainting a batch of pills. There is always law-suits. By entering the US market they are also taking on litigious Americans.

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    The Lawyers is a big reason for a lot of our high prices. A lot of the Canadian prescriptions are copies. 1,017 pages of HR 2300 is not just giving poor people Health Care, and none of it addresses how the Lawyers attack our Doctors as a lucky Lottery.

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    Lobbyist. No reason that a band-aid costs $20 or a stay in a hospital room costs $100 a night (and that is just for the space).

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    Any idea what all those "on site" inspectors would cost to make sure those drugs met U.S. standards BEFORE entering the country...?

    I mean, you do realize that those lead-laced toys and foods from China and the salmonella-laced veggies from Mexico were all "certified" by agencies within those countries...right?

    Source(s): Edit: "there's always law-suits...", that's the point...foreign companies are not subject to U.S. law. That is why my company demands full payment in advance from overseas customers...If they decide not to pay we would be left with no recourse. So once again, it would be our government asking our citizens to pay for your mistake..
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