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Why should advertisers boycott Glenn Beck just because of him calling 0bama a racist?

So, when Kanye West called George W. Bush a racist, why didn't those "colorofchange" people advocate for boycotting of his rap albums? I could think of so many examples, but what is the big deal of someone calling someone else a racist anyway? When did this become a cardinal sin?

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    The result of boycotting advertisers on FOX is that all of these advertisers are leaving all the political opinion programs on all networks to avoid the controversy. Beck will always keep the Scooter Chair, the corporation that sells gold, the margarine, stuff like that that are unlikely to succumb to a boycott. They aren't hurting Beck at all. In fact his ratings are doing nothing but going up.

    I find it surprising that they worry so much more about him calling Obama a racist than they do when he calls him and his administration Communists. I guess they consider that a compliment.

    Calling someone a racist has become meaningless. Its way over used. Now people are questioning who else can be racist besides just whites. Whenever anything is said negatively against the policies of this administration, the one saying can now just expect to be called a racist. Fact is I am not now, nor have I ever been a racist and being called one will never shut me up.

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    Its about business dude. Glenn Beck is an asshole. But thats OK if the masses are willing to either watch him or over-look him. When he called Obama a racist, it was not out of an emotional outburst over a particular sudden incident or disaster like the bungling of Federal aid to Katrina victims. He was expressing his thought out opinion on a news show that got picked up and spread around the media and it became clear to all clear thinking people that the man is a hatemonger that will say any despicable thing to get attention and ratings. We don't need voices like this in our media and enough people share this belief that they made this message clear to Glenn Beck's advertisers. These advertisers do not want to be associated with a show that generates a boycott of their products.

    There is no comparison between Glenn Beck (a political voice that half the country pays close attention to for information about our government) and Kanye West. Kanye West is not someone that anybody would turn to for information of any kind. Get the difference? He's a fking singer! When a liberal wants to know whats going on in the world, they'd probably turn to Glenn Beck before they'd turn to Kanye West! People like him for his music, not his opinions. And what would you boycott of Kanye's? His records? Highly doubtful that Republicans listen to his music anyway.

    Oh, but you want to know why liberals did not boycott Kanye West? Because liberals understand the fact that first it was said in an emotional setting and second we give blacks a little room when the subject of racism comes up. Why? Because they know first hand what racism is all about. Liberals readily admit that racism in America does exist. White Republicans have great difficutly admitting that fact.

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    Advertisers have the right to pull their ads if they don't want to associate themselves from a particular show or person and people have the right to boycott Kanye West if they so choose. The difference is most sane people would not consider Obama a racist and therefore Beck's comments was obviously an attempt to spread hatred.

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    Kanye West did not call George W. Bush a racist. He said that Bush doesn't care about black people. It's fine to take issue with what Kanye said, but he didn't say the same thing Beck said at all.

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    Kanye West didn't have a political show that is produced to form opinions. Many people did advocate boycotting his concerts and recordings.

    By the way, Beck didn't just call Obama racist...He said "he hates white people." Anyone who lived through or seen old news reels of the 1950s know white Southerners used that type of race baiting language to justify their racism.

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    Advertisers do what they want.

    Several Right wing organizations called for a boycott of West. Nobody cared.

  • They were bullied into it by the the corporation Van Jones (the newly appointed Green Czar) founded, colorofchange.org. It's funny you brought up Kanye West. Jones wore a tee-shirt that said "Kanye was Right" during one of the speeches he gave to a group of white environmentalists.


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    Perhaps it's due to the fact that Beck and his ilk incite violence by spewing vile, bogus vitriol. It's no wonder that most sane advertisers prefer not to be associated with these types of fear tactics.


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    Its not a "sin", its their right as one of his sponsors, his BIGGEST btw. Just because Beck and everyone on the right thinks that way, doesn't mean its true. Maybe they don't like the idea of someone insulting and slandering OUR PRESIDENT. And are you really comparing a single rapper's comment to that of a billion dollar company with millions of customers of all ages, races and backgrounds a day?

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    They shouldn't and btw, it isn't working. I called several of the advertisers myself, and was told they were not leaving.

    If any do I will boycott them, as will a lot of other people.

    What is going to end up happening is advertisers will be hesitant to support any political show at all, which will hurt all the others as much as Fox.

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