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i just hate three big bowls of cherrios....? lol?

today i ate

1) oatmeal with fat free milk (140 about calories)

2) lettuce (romaine hearts. im estimating about 50ish calories)

3) a special k cereal bar (90 calories)

and for my early dinner because i wont be home from now until 12 am i ate

1 big bowl of mulit grain cherrios

1 big bowl of honey nut cherrios

and then like half a bowl of honey nut cherrios

how many calories do you think that was.

i usually eat under 1000 a day. im about 5'7" and i weigh 118 pounds. and im 18 years old.

thanks! im just curious.

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    are you on some sort of crazy crash diet? that's not enough to keep a fruit fly healthy. if you don't watch out your mind is going to start malfunctioning. and there is absolutely no nutritional balance there.

    you need to seriously re-evaluate your whole nutritional program. 1700-1800 minimum. grains are good, but you need veggies, nuts and seeds, fruit, legumes, etc.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm guessing the cereal was about 120 calories for 1 cup. You probably had about 5 cups. So the cereal alone is right at 600 calories.

    I guess you also had fat free about 3 cups of that is probably 240 calories.

    240+600=840 calories.

    You probably had a total of 1,120 calories.That's not bad though.

    I also count my calories, and have become pretty good at it.

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