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Any ideas for spirit days?

Ok so I'm in leadership for school this year and its their job to organize different spirit days like, retro day, twin day, sports day etc. Any ideas of fun days or spirit days for grades 8-10?

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    Pajama Day

    Blast From The Past Day: it is less broad like "Retro Day" or 70s Day and you can dress all the way back as caveman or Roman Empire or even 70s.

    Superhero Day

    Movie Character Day

    Mock A Teacher/Administrator Day: Dress like your favorite teacher!

    Career Day: Dress up on "What You Want To Be When You Grow Up"

    Couples Day: Get a friend and dress up as a famous couple (Wilma and Fred Flinstone)

    Animal Day: This one get's really creative because most people decide to make their own costumes

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    those are all good

    # Men in Black Week

    Monday-Report the school that your mascot is missing.

    Tuesday-Report that the mascot was seen in front of the school and have a picture displayed.

    Wednesday-Report the mascot was picked up by police and have a picture displayed.

    Thursday - Report the mascot in jail and show a picture.

    Friday-Report the mascot was picked up by aliens and was returned to the school by the MEN IN BLACK, aka principal and other student in MIB suits and glasses. have them walk out to Men in Black music by Will Smith. Get cheerleaders to dress as aliens and do a small dance to the song.

    # Mission Impossible

    # Funky Town

    # Star Wars

    Camouflage Day

    # Wild, Wild, West

    # 80's House Party

    # Trophic Like It's Hot!

    # Army/MASH

    # Studio '06 - Disco Balls on Key Chains

    # Jungle

    # Superhero

    # Fairytales - Once Upon a Time

    # Time Warp - Blast from the Past

    # How the Grinch Stole Tolo

    # Candyland

    # Cloud 9

    # Toy Land

    # Under the Sea

    # Treasure Island

    # Cajun Carnival - Night in New Orleans

    # Fishin' in the Dark

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    i individually think of doing the 90s may well be amazingly relaxing! you will desire to positioned on extreme waisted gentle grow to be denims (American outfits might have some in case you are able to discover the money for his or her stuff, if no longer perhaps a chum might have a pair), or overalls, think of astonishing colors, saggy sweatshirts, enormous scrunchies, keds, converses, or white shoes.

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    I just thought of this, it might be stupid though.. you could try colorful day..where everyone has to where colorful clothing.

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