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DC* asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 1 decade ago

Why does Japan NOT have an official language?


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  • Oliver
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    1 decade ago
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    Haha! I read that this morning and thought the same thing!

    Well if you click the Official Language link it will tell you why.

    "An official language is a language that is given a special legal status in a particular country, state, or other territory."

    Obviously in Japan, that hasn't happened. Simple answer :)

  • ciel
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    4 years ago

    of path no longer. Mandarin is the sturdy language of China and Taiwan, whilst eastern is the sturdy language of Japan. whether, chinese language have deep effect in eastern writing. the eastern share many common character with chinese language, besides the undeniable fact that selection in pronunciation. i think this similarity lead you into mistakenly think of that Mandarin and eastern are the comparable. historic eastern imported chinese language writing equipment, as nicely Feudal equipment, Confucianism, and Buddhism (which chinese language additionally imported from India).

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Wikipedia isn't accurate.

    2. If you click on the Japanese version of Wikipedia, it states Japanese is Japan's official language.

    3. It's Japan, why wouldn't they speak Japanese. It's like going to England and assuming no one would speak anything but English. It stems from the country's name.

  • 1 decade ago

    Same reason the US doesn't have one. No need to.

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