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How do I politely tell my co-worker that spraying her armpits with Lysol is NOT a good cover up for body odor?

Or a substitute for deodorant?

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    Hand her a stick of deodorant and a picture of a dead skunk with a can of Lysol photoshopped into the picture. Kindly point out that even though Lysol kills germs, it doesn't kill smell altogether, and that proper cleanliness is the answer to killing odors.

    Either that or spray the girl down with some Febreze.

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    First you need to explain to your co-worker that Lysol™ is not a root word for "lice." Or is it? If your co-worker does have a louse problem, I don't think the lice would like Lysol one bit. The reason I bring this up is that it is important for you to ascertain there won't be any little bitty bugs hopping from armpit to carpet and then lying in wait for you. Buy her a can of Raid, just to be sure. I don't know what to do about the body odor, but pest control is important too.

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    Say hey(co-worker's name) I think that you should not spray your armpits with that lysol. It could me really bad for you. Maybe you could use deodorant or a body spray instead.

    It may not be that poliet but its good advice you co-worker.

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    You could do just what Valerie did an episode of "What I Like About You" where her co-worker smelled like mushroom soup!

    She gave her a whole basket of nice smelling things like shampoo's, perfumes, etc.

    Or you could go with a totally different approach, you could just tell her that the chemicals in the lysol give you a headache or something like that.

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): I once had to be lifted, (in dance) by a very smelly ten year old who does not use deodorant! She shouldn't have been in that class anyways, she didn't know what she was doing! Ugh, I hate that age group.
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  • iDork
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    casually say to another co-worker while in the proximity of the stinky co-worker so that they can hear you "has lysol created a body odor scented spray because for some reason that's what it smells like in here." maybe they will get the hint.

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    Just replace her can of lysol with a can of spray adhesive. After getting her arms free I am sure she will be willing to change deodorants to something more conventional.

    Source(s): your friendly neighborhood pagan
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    Next time she sprays lysol just ask very loudly what is that smell.She will get the hint and change to something else.

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    Tell her. If she's crushed with humiliation, who cares? If it's bothering you just tell her. Also telling her to shower more right off the bat makes it more fun.

    Here's a good deodorant brand that you can use: Lady Speed Stick.

    PS. If all else fails, just tell her febreeze works much better

    Source(s): PAST EXPERIENCE
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    Of course it is.

    She just needs to use the scented variety and not the original.

    Not only is it good at hiding odors it is an excellent method of

    controlling athletes foot and jock rot. ( true story)

    Maybe she gets off on the burning sensation when it hits the chafing......

    I know I do.

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    Maybe your should get any really good smelling deodorant and say that it kept your underarms smelling good for a long time, or something. Then suggest it to her and hope she doesn't take it the wrong way!

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