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can a ethernet switch share internet?

ethernet cable

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    A switch by itself does not share internet. You need a router. A pc directly connected to the internet can share its connection (act as a router). On on windows pc you can go to create a new connection to the internet and it will lead you through the process.

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    An ethernet switch transfers access from one computer to another computer for a one feed data sending. You can use a router for multiple computers to share the internet as long as you have an adequate bandwidth package.

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    To share, you have to have a router, either one built into the modem, or one before the switch. Most routers now have the usual 4 port switch in them.

    A switch does not assign local LAN addresses, only a router can do that.

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    A switch CAN share internet as long as your dsl/cable modem has a built in dhcp server. (it can assign IP addresses)

    Not knowing your modem model, that's all the info I can give.

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