Has the "texting" craze made our children into the world's worst spellers?

If I have to read "dose" for does or "u" for you or any of that other texting crap I am gonna barf! There is even spell checker on Yahoo Answers, people! Use it!

And to the under 20 set, YES I AM OLD!!! 39 to be exact. If you ever want to get a job and earn money to pay for that cell phone you text 1000 words a minute on, you will NEED to learn how to spell correctly!


hugs & kisses: That was funny, but do not make me hunt you down and take your cell phone away!

Update 2:

gigglebuster: I swear, you must be typing in Greek becasue I did not understand one thing you wrote.

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    AMEN girlfriend. I get a headache reading some of these... and texting IS a huge disservice to our children. When they should be learning how to spell in order to get ahead in life, they are learning how to spell like an illiterate. Some of them make me scratch my head even... because dose and does have the SAME AMOUNT OF LETTERS... how is it a shortcut? It's only a shortcut to illiteracy.

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    Hi Maryam,

    My feeling is that you are correct in your assumption and frankly, some of the letters I read in YA make me wince.

    As a teacher I also notice a deal of dis-interest by some students, a lack of concern about the importance of spelling and grammar. Many can't structure a sentence unless it has a sprinkling of 'you know' and various other verbal crutches to support it.

    Notice I said, 'some students'. There are a great many students who apply themselves to their studies and make a great effort to do good work.

    Sadly, the problem is not particular to one

    country. I notice that Asian Students do not have the problems I mentioned above; they take great pride in learning all that is 'on offer' and I can only guess that is down to parental influence and encouragement.

    By the way, 39 is not old; you are chronologically gifted or challenged or both.

    Hang in there, who knows, there may be an educational revolution if enough educators get mad enough to say 'STOP' to this waste of resources.

    Source(s): Parent, Teacher & Mentor.
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    Kids who are good readers will still be able to write properly. It's the ones who don't read and who spend more time texting their friends than studying who will be trouble.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i m tnking dt u i5 b-n 2 hrsh on dem k1l)s b3c4a [_] 5e you cnt t@lk l1ke meh.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "U" "R" harsh lady, "LOL"

    i dnt tnk so, i tnk its "COOLIO"

    sorry, but really, give us teens a brake. LOL

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