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what is benefit fraud and what could to you if you get caught?

my friend has been claiming job seekers for about 4 nearly 5 month but has been working 5 hours a week and hasnt told the jon centre. she got a call the other day from her boss saying that they had got a form from the job centre about her. now she scared and doesnt know what to do or whats going to happen to her and if she gets fined she doesnt have any money or no one to help her out. does anyone know if she will get totaly f**ked over big time or will they just cut her allowance?

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    Best make your way in to the JC+ and tell 'em now to draw a line. They will probably invite you to an interview about it, quite possibly under caution. It will be sent off to a "decision maker" but it is unlikely there will be a court case at that level; more than likely they will issue a caution and claw any overpayment back from whatever benefits are being paid.

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    Depends on the fraud. Bernie Maddox stole 50 billion dollars and lived like royalty for decades. Now he's in prison but his family is still VERY wealthy.

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    you can work upto 16 hours a week while on jsa just make sure you declare it

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