Why are the Kurds and Balochs fighting to be seperated from Iran?

I keep hearing about Kurds and Balochs in Iran wanting to be seperated from Iran.

Why? What benefits can they gain from it? Isn't it better to unite and make Iran a better place instead of seperating each other?

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    that's true. Kurds want to have a united country which is currently parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Baloochs want their own, currently part of Iran and Pakistan. they fight the central governments of these countries. they between themselves also can't unite. between Kurds, there are different tribal branches, and when they have had partial stability, they have fought each other to determine who should rule their new country. so I guess they can't run a country, let alone that it won't happen what they want. there is no economic plan or further plans for such a country, they just fight to be separated.

    it's based on what described as Clash of civilizations, and supported by foreign powers to defeat the current countries. once Russia, then England, then USA and so on. they train their militia groups, provide them with guns, shape their communities etc. it's because the smaller country you face, it's easier to have control over them. imperialism in a single word.

    I'm not approving what these central governments do to such minorities. they don't have social freedoms as other do in these countries, and this should be changed; I disagree the solutions backed by imperialistic powers.

    Source(s): living close to them.
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    definitely, there is no doubt that iran is the best country, historically, culturally, economically,... in the region. each part of iran that tries to become independet will be the loser. just compare balochs in iran and balochs in pakistan or kurds in iran and kurds in turky or iraq.

    the reason that some kurds and balochs try to get seperated is that iranian government is shia and they are mostly sunni. but it can not be a good reason.

    but still i think a small fraction of people there actually want this seperation.

    another fact is that both balochs and kurds are in fact a group of iranian people and are aryan. so historically have ties with iran.

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    They are economically on a lower level than perhaps people living in Tehran. Their culture, language, art and music is not valued and respected as much as perhaps other major cultures are praised within iran, Persian culture.

    But I do believe that Kurds and Balochs can only achieve freedom within a democratic Iran. They need unity to be able to do this because small separated nations on their own have no power. And after all Kurds and Balochs living in Iran are Iranians. Most of them are pretty patriotic towards their land and Iran.

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    I agree with Morteza

    Moreover I have to add the majority of people in Kurdistan province don't really want independence. I've lived in kurdistan province myself and have some relatives there. People there are just like the rest of Iranians.

    There's this separatist group called Pejak which is like Iranian version of PKK in turkey. They're based in Iraq and sometimes make random attacks on police stations etc. But it's rare and people don't feel any affiliation with them.

    And of course unity is much better than division. That's why all big countries do whatever they can to stay united. EU nations spending so much money and effort to hold together and bring under one flag a group of very diverse nations. But their prescription for other countries is different of course : Divide and Rule!


    Incidentally this reminds me of a dialogue from the unforgettable "Yes Minister" series between Sir Humphrey and Permanent Secretary of the Foreign Office :

    -We made them a real mistake , 20 years ago when we gave them their independence.

    -Don't you think that was right, wind of change and all that?

    -Yes but not the way we did it. we should have partitioned the island

    -Oh you mean like we did in India, Cyprus ,Palestine and Ireland

    -Yes that was our invariable practice when we gave independence to the colonies. It always worked.

    -But didn't partition always lead to civil war? It did in India ,Cyprus, Palestine and Ireland.

    -Yes but it kept them busy, instead of fighting other people they confined themselves to fighting each other!

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    every nation wants to be united,but they prefer to be united with their own people.kurds are one of the biggest races in middle east.Iranian kurds want to join their own pure Kurdish republic+kurds in Iraq & turkey,that's all because of one problem: Iran,Iraq & turkish governments do not even pay attention to these people.In Iran,Kurdistan is one of the places that there NO service.In Iraq,war+some lousy bastard leaders,cause kurdish people to make chaos.In Turkey,turkish government gives no service & no safety to Kurdish people,& that is the reason why kurdish people try to defy against Turkey.

    do not forget that this unfair war between "Iran,Iraq,Turkey" & "kurdish people" wont last,until These countries change their ideas about Kurdish ppl.& there's something I should say:

    if "Islamic Republic of Iran" turns into "Republic of Iran",everything is going to be better in the whole "Middle East".

    don't you agree???

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    Because here the government SuXx!

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    Because both groups are occupied by Iran and are split in more than one political entity. All indigenous groups are or should be entitled to independent sovreignity.

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    cause its Iran......enough said

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