Special seats with tables for disabled people?

I'd like to ask if anyone knows anything about some special seats/wheelchairs for disabled people? I don't mean these simple wheelchairs with wheel to be carried on. I mean seats with, for instance, screwed tables, so that a person might do some things while sitting (like eating, using a computer while having the keyboard and mouse put on that table etc.). These seats are usually covered with upholstery, beneath which there is a soft sponge thanks to with it's comfortable enough for the person to sit in it even for long. Also, there usually is a footrest that sometimes could be regulated (that is, lowered down or heightened up, conveniently to the person's individual needs).

As you can see, I know how to describe such a seat, but it's much harder to find an example of one in a photo. I'd be really glad if anyone could mention any manufacturers making such sets, and where such seats are available (that is, mainly in the United States or, perhaps, also abroad).

I'd like to know such things about manufacturers because I myself am from Poland, and I'm not sure whether I could find any manufacturers here (so far it has been difficult to find anything) or ship it from abroad

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