1099 statement for bank account?

I did not receive a 2008 interest statement for a bank account. I called the bank in June and was promised they would mail the statement immediately. A month later, the statement still had not arrived. I called again and was promised the statement would be sent by overnight courier service. When the statement did not arrive within a week, I called again (3rd call), and was promised heaven and earth that the statement would arrive immediately. To date (14 weeks since my first phone call), the 1099 has not been sent. What governing body can I contact to register a complaint against the bank and pressure the bank to send my 1099?

Thanks in advance for your help, suggestions, etc.

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    1 decade ago
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    Hi, you need to contact the banks ombudsman and file a complaint. they will contact the bank and will be sorted within 3 weeks

    Hope this helps.. also your bank will be part of a union if the ombudsman doesnt help then the union WILL guaranteed

    Source(s): Ex Priority Banking Fairness Agent
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