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Fion asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago


我叫佩雯(pui man), 想m字起頭,煩請各位幫幫手

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  • Louisa
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    1 decade ago
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    沒有這個雯, 但有這個文=あや(Aya)/もん(Mon)


    Maaya, Machika, Machiko, Machi, Madoka, Maeka, Mae, Mafumi, Mahiro, Mahiru, Mahoko, Mahomi, Maho, Maiha, Maiho, Maika, Maiko, Maimi, Maina, Maino, Mai, Makiko, Maki, Makoto, Mako, Mamie, Mamika, Mamiko, Mamina, Mamiyu, Mami, Manaka, Manako, Manami, Mana, Mano, Maori, Mao, Mare, Maria, Marie, Marika, Mariko, Marina, Marino, Marin, Mariya, Mariyo, Mari, Maruko, Marumi, Masae, Masago, Masako, Masami, Masana, Masano, Masayo, Masa, Mashiro, Masuho, Masumi, Masuzu, Masu, Matsuho, Matsuko, Matsuyo, Matsu, Mayaka, Mayako, Maya, Mayoko, Mayo, Mayuha, Mayuka, Mayuki, Mayuko, Mayumi, Mayuna, Mayu, Megumi, Mei, Michie, Michiko, Michiru, Michiyo, Michi, Midoriko, Midori, Mieko, Mie, Mihoko, Miho, Mikako, Mikayo, Mikazuki, Mika, Mikie, Mikiko, Miki, Mikka, Miko, Mimi, Minako, Minami, Mina, Mineko, Mineyo, Mine, Miniami, Mio, Mirai, Misae, Misaki, Misako, Misao, Misayo, Misa, Misoka, Misora, Misumi, Mitoki, Mito, Mitsue, Mitsuki, Mitsuko, Mitsuyo, Mitsu, Miu, Miwako, Miwa, Miyabi, Miyako, Miya, Miyoko, Miyo, Miyuki, Miyu, Mizuki, Mizuko, Moanna, Moeka, Moe, Momoe, Momoka, Momoko, Momo, Mon, Morie, Motoe, Motoko, Motoyo, Moto, Moyoko, Muika, Murasaki, Mura, Mutsuko.


    Source(s): myself
  • 1 decade ago

    真琴 まこと MOKOTO

    眞子 まこ MAKO

    桃子 ももこ MOMOKO

    茉莉 まり MARI

    真佐美 まさみ MASAMI

    メアリー (瑪莉) MEARI

    Source(s): 自分です
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