Do insects feel emotions?

Do insects feel emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, and getting horny?

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    1 decade ago
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    No, insects have no brain. Instead they have numerous smaller nerve clusters called ganglia. They are certainly not intelligent enough to feel emotions, and they certainly don't feel things like pain in the way we do.

    Early on in the evolution of animals, two groups split. The deuterstomes, and the protostomes. These two groups have been evolving for about 700million years totally seperately. That means that anything insects have evolved seperately from vertebrates. Their answers to consciousness and their sense of the world is much different than ours.

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    For anyone who has ever encountered a nest of fire ants or hornets, the ability to them to express anger or rage seems unquestionable. But it isn't 'anger' in the same sense that we think of anger; it is just an instinctive reaction to external stimuli; to defend the nest or themselves from perceived threats.

    Insects also get 'horny', although not in any real emotional sense (assuming that can be called an emotional state); just in the same way that they respond to threats - instinctively.

    Although they seem to act emotionally, they don't feel emotions.

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    No them emotions are associated with higher brain functions, they do not have the inner engineering to feel such things, but pain could be felt as it would serve a purpose and insects still have a nervous system to translate pain.

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    If they have nerves, then they feel emotions.

    The phrase, "you are getting on my last nerve" seems to fit here.

    Nerves have everything to do with emotions and but that could be another topic.

    A most excellent question and awesome answer by the student because i feel controversy is what Science is about.

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    1 decade ago

    No. Their memory span is only 3 seconds. Only long enough to attack or run away.


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    Yes ,I think any living things has its emotions ,just we only couldn't feel ,but they feeling very deeply ,especially painful .It's no matter how time short is they feel ,they exist ever. they have react naturally.

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    I believe that exists. But cant prove!!!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    i dont think so

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    No. They don't.

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