i have not been getting any email in my inbox. explorer is no help. ther seems to be no one at yahoo i can spe?

no inbox mail for months now.

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    Yahoo and Microsoft are merging their Search Engines. Yahoo is finishing up its new Home Page. The result has been turmoil for many Yahoo users. Approximately 10% of users are experiencing severe disruptions. Here are the main problems being reported:

    *The Mail or Messenger button has disappeared.

    *The Mail or Messenger button exists but clicking on it does nothing.

    *Clicking on the Mail or Messenger button produces a blank screen.

    *The SEND , REPLY, and FORWARD buttons are not working.

    *Attachments (including photos) are not working.

    *Error Messages are appearing. Error 999, Error 15, Error 8, Error 502. A good Error message explains what is happening. These messages only confuse you more. Don't bother to reply to them. You get an auto-generated reply saying you have a problem with your Server. You don't have a problem with your Server.

    *A warning tells you that your ID and password are "invalid". That is causing many users to panic. THey think their account has been hacked; or that they have a virus. They have not been hacked. No virus, either.

    *You are asked for your "Security Question". When you correctly enter it, you are asked for it again. And again.

    *Fonts are shrunk so small that you need a microscope to read your email. Users think they have accidently hit a button that caused the change. They didn't.

    *Fonts turn giant. The words continue off the screen.

    *Verified emails are not arriving. Friends have called to notify you that the email was sent. It does not appear.

    *Friends are not receiving email from your account.

    *You receive an alert that you have a new email. But the inbox is empty.

    *The wrong name is appearing in the TO and/or FROM lines of your emails. This also causes panic about "hackers".

    *Emails are disappearing after they are READ or SENT.

    *Mail Search is not working.

    *You send out an email and get a "Mailer Daemon" or "Delivery Failure Notification". But you don't know why.

    *Mail and Messenger won't work on your PDA.

    *Warning messages that you are logged-in on another "device" but you don't own another device. You are only logged-in once.

    *The date/time stamp is wrong.

    *Your browser crashes when Mail or Messenger is used.

    *Some accounts were "deactivated" by mistake. Yahoo apologized later, but it caused panic when users received notice that their entire account had been closed. With no warning.

    *Users of premium services were told that their credit or debit card had expired and their accounts would be closed. The cards were not expired and it caused a lot of panic.

    *Some users had their entire Address List disappear.

    *Entire folders of email were emptied with no warning. One day they were full. Next day they were empty.

    *Messenger users are told "Your time has run out" with no warning.

    *There are endless "loading"messages whenever you hit an on-screen button.

    *Websites like Craigslist tell you "You can not click on this link because your email account is not active". But you do have an active account.

    *Some users can not "cut and paste".

    *Some users are asked for their cell phone number to access their account. Over and over.

    *Messenger users can not add their friends to IM.

    *Messenger tells you that you are "offline" when you know that you are "online".

    These same problems happened in July and November, 2008. Each time the problems lasted 4 weeks. No user had the same problems for the entire 4 weeks. THe problems rotated around. Each day was an adventure. One day was fine; next day nothing worked. The vast majority of users had no problems. They couldn't understand what the fuss was about.

    This is a bad time to download or install any Yahoo programs. They are installing 99% , then freezing. Or they install 100% but won't open. Be hesitant to download until Yahoo is done with the work.

    The Yahoo Help Desk is swamped. Last week they said that the problems would be fixed "soon". Later they told users that the problem might be in the user's computer or browser or cell phone. Currently they say "Our engineers are aware of the problem. They are working on it."

    The smartest thing you can do is to monitor the Y!A category Yahoo Products>Yahoo Mail and >Yahoo Messenger. That will keep you up-to-date on what's happening. Everyone is trying to find "workarounds" altho none of them work every time for everyone.

    Click on FORUM at the left side of any Yahoo!Answers page. Look for the post "Problems going on with Mail". It has recently filled up with gripes but it still has many of the existing "workarounds"

    This will all be fixed.

    Try help.yahoo.com Phone support is only for "premium" services.

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    E-Mail support: mail@cc.yahoo-inc.com

    Yahoo Customer Service Info: 866-562-7219 or 408-349-3300

    Yahoo Personal Email: 866-492-4664 (small fee)

    Yahoo Small Business: 866-562-7219

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    haha yes! i rarely get emails from ther users: / and i always have to go through ever single one to figure out weather to delete them or not!

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