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What Clique book is after Boys R Us by Lisi Harrison?

I know there's like 11 but what's number 12?

let me back track, 10 is P.S I Loathe You, 11- Boys R Us, 12- PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Maya
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    in my Boys R us book it came with a poster of all the books and there was this one that is coming in October. apparently, it's a prequel called Charmed and dangerous.

    but i looked it up, and there is also a book following boys R us called These boots are Made for Stalking which is coming in February 2010.

    the books come in four.

    first the plaid; (The Clique, Best Friends for never, Revenge of the wannabes, Invasion of the boy Snatchers) then the second set of plaid; (the Pretty Committee strikes Back, Dial L for loser, It's not easy being mean, Sealed with a Diss) then the swirly designs (Bratfest at Tiffany's, P.S. I loathe you, Boys R us, These boots are made for Stalking). so let's hope it doesn't end there.

  • Mary M
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    Book number 12 isn't out yet. The title is "These boots are made for stalking". Here's a link:

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    Massie Block is the genuine "alpha" yet while her associates desperate that they do no longer like it the laptop (extraordinarily Committee) is formally disbanded. whilst Massie tries to discover new betas, Alicia has desperate that's her turn to polish in the alpha-gentle. She creates the Soul-M8S, will her boy-female clique final? the place will Dylan, Kristen and Kuh-Laire bypass?? What happens while Massie comes to a decision to hire her new associates?

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    i didnt even know lisi was making another clique book. i thought she was just doing the alpha series only

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think HarperCollins released the title yet.

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