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How did Rome unify its vast empire and diverse peoples?

Before it's fall, Rome was one of the strongest and largest empires the world had ever seen. After so much conquest how did this great nation unify its vast empire?

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    By killing all who opposed them. There were no focus groups or committees in the Roman Empire.

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    several ways. First to keep conquered peoples docile (which wasn't hard considering most hadn't any concept beyond tribal/family allegiance) they offered these people citizenship or would place former soldiers in colonies around the empire so if something were to happen they would have trained reservists who could hold out until the main roman army arrived. Secondly they never put many people under direct control, instead the emporer or governor would approve a local leader who would install smaller local leaders. Secondly, greed is a valuable asset, they provided rich trade across the empire and money is a hard thing to turn down.

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