What are some of the most dangerous parts of Chicago?

Could someone please name community areas of Chicago that are not very safe to be in, at any time of day? I hear that Chicago's West side and South side have lots of nasty areas. However, I also hear that some places, like Hyde Park, are actually not that bad.

Is the courthouse at 26th & California located in a bad area? What about the United Center?

Please note that I'm from the Northwest suburbs and I've been to plenty of areas of Chicago. I'm trying to sum up all of the places people should never go to unless its absolutely necessary.

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  • phunk
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    1 decade ago
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    26th and cali is in the pilsen neighborhood which has some problems but is actually a pretty good area now. it has the largest percentage of homes owned my latinos than anywhere else in america and you know that where people own their own homes they care enough about their neighborhood to change it.

    UC is in an area that used to be really bad but since Oprah moved her studios out there a lot of rehabs and teardowns have occured making it a rejuvinating neighborhood. The problem there is that at night, the near by neighborhoods to the west still go there to sell drugs on the corners because theyve been doing it for a while. daytime or gametime it is safe, at night you just dont want to be alone.

    the really bad areas right now are humboldt park (near north and california) and auburn-gresham. There are two to six shootings a week in those neighborhoods because there is a bad gang war occuring that the CPD cant seem to get a hold on.

  • tichur
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    1 decade ago

    The President's house is in Hyde Park. He isn't in the ghetto part...butt it's not far.

    26th & California is the site of the county jail and courthouse. It is surrounded by 100 yr old apartments that need rehab work from decades of neglect.

    United Center had the same style apartments but most have been leveled over the past 20 years to make way for venue parking lots or speculative condo projects. Many are still vacant. This was not so long ago, the heart of a slum neighborhood. Many facits still remain... especially at night.

    The most dangerous place should be avoided. The gang here runs the city...all parts:


  • Nick B
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    1 decade ago

    To sum it quickly, avoid the entire West side, as well as the areas in the South Side that are not on the lakeshore. Of course there are exceptions, but this is typically accurate.

    Also, the area around the courthouse is not horrible, but it is certainly not super safe either..

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