what type of shell (Premier STS Target Loads, Gun Club Target Loads, etc) and shot size should i use for?

a Benelli M4 semi automatic shotgun for practice shooting?

by the way the shell BRAND is strictly Remington. i just need advice as to what to use for ammunition for shooting practice.

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    1 decade ago
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    The cheapest ones you can possibly get unless you are trying to pattern the gun on paper. Then, you want to use exactly what you'll use for hunting.

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    I hate to sound like a "smart-***" but it really doesn't matter. All of the shells (Remington and otherwise) "go bang" and break targets IF you do your part. The difference in 7 1/2 and 8 shot is very small and there is a trade off of pellet count vs. retained energy. Generally for skeet and 16-yard-line trap 8's will break anything. For handicap trap (because of distance) and sporting clays (because of hard targets like the battue and rabbit) I prefer 7 1/2.

    Gun Clubs are just fine, except the "old stock" currently being phased out that had primers that were hards as rocks. They are being replaced with the brass-cupped STS primers because of so many complaints. Since the Gun Clubs tend to use lesser-grades of shot (softer, more lead, less antimony) I generally prefer the 7 1/2's, but the 8's work just as well.

    The STS's is a great shell - not much else needs to be said. I use 8's mostly, except handicap I use 7 1/2's from the 25 yard line.

    Not bragging, but I've run 100 with both in trap, so either one will fit your need just fine. Whichever you can get cheaper is great.

    Usually the Gun Clubs will be cheapest, but Remington has been offering $2 a box rebates on STS/Nitros....I saw dealers at some shoots selling these for $67.99 per case of 10, ($6.79 a box) , -$20 would bring the cost to $4.79/box $47.99/case for STS/Nitros, and I haven't seen Gun Clubs that cheap in a while!!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    DT89ACE just nailed it. Just use whatever your gun happens to like, be it Winchester, Federal, Remington, etc. If it goes "Bang", and breaks/kills your target, then it's good. Too many people get caught up in the idea that they need some "super whiz bang mega ultra powerful" load that costs $3 a shell. Just find the Bulk #7.5 shot packs, those are good for skeet, and busting up tin cans. The occasional pheasant too if you feel like it.

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    If you are just shooting clays in the back yard, the cheapest you can find in 7.5's or 8's. If you are going to be hunting with it, you need to practice some with the type of round you are hunting with. (Gun Clubs are good practice for dove but 3" mag steel are going to shoot a little different and you don't want to shoot them the first time in the boat.)


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