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braces are way to ******* expensive in a rich country like Canada. BS?

I have moderate crowding and my right lateral incisor is shifted inwards and pushing to the left of my mouth which is causing my front tooth pushing upwards. I'm poor, im so pissed off my mom can't afford braces even with the 2 year option. Government doesn't cover braces for no ******* reason, i can't laugh in public without feeling conscious about it. my mom tried calling the university of Toronto dental school for cheap braces but there's a 3 year waiting list, yippeee.... i see orthodontists with Porsche's parked outside of their fricken office and that just pises me off how they can't give us poor underprevlidged kids a discount.

ive ran out of ideas on how to check for cheap alternative ways of obtaining braces, my mom doesnt give a crap about helpin mee, she says i complain to mcuh about them and well she doesn't kno how it feels.. i feel like BS

any OTHER suggestions on obtaining braces cheaper..even though im pretty sure there isntt


and ive tried searching for a job, sending out apps here and there, noone wants to fricken hire mee

Update 2:

see the thing is i get like $30 allowance every monthh...

lets see da math, 13 years to afford braces :/ thanks for the advice tho, ive never ehard of trillium :) lemme check it outtt

Update 3:

Cofeebreak- 5 gran is really hard to make and i've applied everywhere all over my town early this month and nada :/ i think i need a picture or something cause people, even my friends point out that i need braces and its getting really annoying. my teeth sometimes hurts when it's shifting and yes, i was mad, but i have a class II modern crowding, and if you wana google that up you'll see how much worse it is then your teeth.

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    Its not the governments fault you have awful teeth. They shouldnt have to cover your braces unless it is a medical necessity(i.e. one of your teeth is growing up into your nasal passages which can kill you)

    Dont blame the orthodontist because your mom is poor. They spend years and THOUSANDS of dollars to get where they are. Some of them even came from situations like yours. But they dont OWE you anything. They are charging a fair price for their services and you'll just have to get over it and wait until somebody can pay for it.

    Try calling up a chain dentistry, they usually do very low interest-free payments. Search some thing like "canada franchise dental"

    Oh, and quit whining. There are alot of people with worse problems they cant get fixed. A friend of mine has a disease that causes his teeth to decay in his mouth. He has no insurance and cant afford to have it looked at. At least your teeth arent causing you constant physical pain by rotting right there in your mouth you whiny brat.

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    Dude, you need to relax, they're just TEETH. Stop blaming the dentists, they can't lower the price just because someone can't afford it, if they could, they might as well do it for FREE.

    Stop blaming Canada, I'm from Canada too so I know how you feel most of the time. At least we're not in America which doesn't even cover HEALTH CARE, god.

    And seriously, cut your mom some slack, your parents work hard to make money and coming out with $5000 in a small amount of time is HARD, and you could use that $$ for food, or something you ACTUALLY need to live.

    Do you have dental insurance? They cover braces.

    And I'm sure you can get a job, I mean it's CANADA, my friend started working when she was 12/13.

    They're teeth kiddo, people don't notice it much, they'll probably think "oh, his teeth aren't perfect" like ONCE, and get over it and not even notice it anymore. My teeth aren't straight and when I told my friend I needed braces, she was surprised, so that just proves how we're more self conscious of things rather than othes.

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    Hey that sounds like a really crappy situation. Your best bet is to give up something that you like (saving you money) like video games, or TV or the internet or something, until you can afford braces. You can't blame the orthodontists for driving porches around because they already spent $10000+ on schooling so that they could even look at your teeth, I have a friend going through that course right now. It's been her life dream to be an orthodontist, but now she hates the idea, it's a hard course. If you live in Ontario you can get your mom to try and get involved in a program like Trillium (I don't know if they have dental, but I'm sure there is a plan that does cover it somewhere).

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    No, Japan has been #2 behind the US for a long time. I believe Canada is somewhere around 9 or 10 in GDP.

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