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Is George Soros a Hypocrite?

George Soros is one of the biggest liberal supporters of the Green Movement. It was just announced that the Obama administration is sending 2 billion dollars to Brazil to help them develop what could be the largest oil field in the western hemisphere. Guess who's company has been hired by Brazil (as part of the agreement with the US) to develop the oil fields?

Well of course, its a company that's owned by good old "green" George Soros.

Does this make him a hypocrite?

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    Eco nuts are militantly pushing green agendas on the general populous, but you notice this agenda never applies to them. Take Al Gore's Nashville mansion, it uses more electricity in one month than your average Joe's house does. Yet he is constantly preaching to poor Joe to stop using energy. Or all those Hollywood idiots that fly around on private jets to attend conservation seminars. A classic case of do as I say, not as I do.

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    definite and he's likewise the guy spews hate approximately Haliburton to his little menions at moveon dot org.....and yet Soros a month returned purchases 60 million dollars of haliburton inventory. wide-unfold Lib as I say, no longer as I do.

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