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Jake W asked in SportsBaseball · 1 decade ago

How will the MLB season end?

AL MVP- Mark Teixeira ( Joe Mauer if Twins Make playoffs)

NL MVP-Albert Pujols

AL Batting Title-Joe Mauer

NL Batting Title-Hanley Ramirez

AL Homeruns-Carlos Pena

NL Homeruns-Albert Pujols

AL RBI's-Mark Teixeira

NL RBI's-Prince Fielder

AL Wins-CC Sabathia

NL Wins-Chris Carpenter

AL ERA-Zach Greinke

NL ERA-Chris Carpenter

AL Saves-Mariano Rivera

NL Saves-Ryan Franklin

Yankees vs Tigers

yanks win 3-1

Redsox vs Angels

redsox win 3-2

Dodgers vs Phillies

Dodgers win 3-2

Cardinals vs Rockies

Cardinals win 3-1

Yankees vs Redsox

Yanks win 4-3

Dodgers vs Cardinals

Cardinals win 4-2

Yankees vs Cardinals

Yankees win 4-2

Alex Rodriguez World Series MVP!!!!!!!!!!!


al cy young-Roy Halladay

nl cy young-Chris Carpenter

Update 2:

Hey New York Yankees, if Derek Jeter gets a 3 run walk off homerun, how is the score 1-0?

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    AL MVP: Derek Jeter

    NL MVP: Albert Pujols

    AL Batting title: Joe Mauer

    NL Batting title: Hanley Ramirez

    AL Homeruns: Carlos Pena

    NL Homeruns: Albert Pujols

    AL RBI'S: Mark Teixara

    NL RBI'S: Albert Pujols

    AL Wins: CC Sabathia

    NL Wins:Adam Wainwright

    AL ERA: Zack Greinke

    NL ERA: Tim Lincecum

    AL Strikeouts: Justin Verlander

    NL Strikeouts: Tim Lincecum

    AL Saves: Mariano Rivera

    NL Saves: Huston Street

    AL Cy Young: CC Sabathia

    NL Cy Young: Tim Lincecum

    AL East: Yankees

    AL Central: Tigers

    AL West: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

    AL Wild Card: Red Sox

    NL East: Phillies

    NL Central: Cardinals

    NL West: Dodgers

    NL Wild Card: Giants

    ALDS: Yankees vs. Tigers Yankees sweep Tigers 3-0

    Red Sox vs. Angels Red Sox win 3-1

    NLDS: Dodgers vs. Phillies Phillies win 3-2

    Cardinals vs. Giants Cardinals win 3-1

    ALCS: Yankees vs. Red Sox Yankees win 4-3

    NLCS: Phillies vs. Cardinals Philles win 4-2

    World Series: Yankees vs. Cardinals Game 1 Yankees 9 Cardinals 2 Yankees lead series 1-0

    Game 2 Yankees 3 Cardinals 1 Yankees lead series 2-0

    Game 3 Cardinals 5 Yankees 4 ( Final 11 innings ) Yankees lead series 2-1

    Game 4 Yankees 7 Cardinals 1 Yankees lead series 3-1

    Game 5 Cardinals 11 Yankees 9 Yankees lead series 3-2

    Game 6 Yankees 1 Cardinals 0 ( Final 14 innings from a 3-run walk off home run by Derek Jeter ) Yankees win World Series 4-2

    World Series MVP Derek Jeter Postseason totals for Jeter AVG. .615

    HR 5 RBI 17

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    I think that the Rays capture the AL Wildcard and then beat the Angels in 5 before being beaten in 5 by the Yankees. But other than that, your predictions look pretty good.

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    Stolen bases-AL- Jacoby Ellsbury.

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