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Isn't it time to turn the bogus laws our legislative body is creating, back on them?

I have heard our legislators, especially in the last 4 months, refer to the people of our nation who are standing up to use their voices, and our freedom of speech as "Nazis, low-level terrorist, Un-American, mentally ill, radicals, extremists, prejudiced, etc. etc. etc."

First off, the fact that a majority of the political figures shown, and heard the most in the mainstream media are using descriptive words such as these when refering to a huge mass of the people in our nation, is an atrocity in itself.

Are you having an issue with hardworking, taxpaying citizens in our nation being called these types of words?

What about the administration, and news media now comparing words which mean one thing to mean another? For example: I heard the other day that now our government, and the mainstream media is telling us that calling someone a "socialist" is the same as calling them the "n" word?

Excuse me, but what the hell is this? INSANITY?

It is of my opinion that we have some extremely sick, dysfunctional, and evil people running the show here.

The laws being made are being made to shut the mouths of Americas who love this country, and our people enough to stand up, and to shed light on those who are trying to keep us quiet.

It is of my opinion that the bogus laws being put in place, like the Patriot Act, and others should be used now to silence those in office who demean, put down, devalue, and discredit the people of our country who are standing up, and speaking against tyrannical behavior.

How do you feel about this, and what do you think about this?

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    Considering my question asking" who admits to being asociated with ACORN", was deleted, Obama's rule is spreading like a cancer. ACORN has been determined to be a criminal organization, and Obama taught them. I just don't understand why nobody has moved for his impeachment. Clearly, he is amoral, crooked, incompetent, dangerous, and insane. Freedom of Speech is definitely under attack. It's amazing what some of the filthy mouthed libs get away with. (I said some, not all).

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    I agree with you, mostly. The media, will take the worst of the worst stories and only air them and use loaded words to strike fear into anyone watching or listening. So then most americans, being fearful and feeling helpless, ask the gov't to make them feel secure. The Patriot act is a Great example. After 9-11, No one wanted to oppose this unconstitutional amendment, and those few who did were portrayed as un-american (to say the least).

    There is so much that could be said here... but when you break it down to its basics: Those laws are in place because of the general public asked the gov't to make them so we'd feel safe. People have lost all sense of personal responsibility, and rely solely on the gov't. So is it really their fault, are our own?!!!

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    Our "Community-Organizer-In-Chief" has spoken. His acorn and union thug armies have been deployed, whether on the internet (to tattle on anyone disagreeing with Obama) or at the town hall meetings where THEY really do get bussed in. The goal is to intimidate us into silence.

    They are aided by the main stream media who have been licking Obama's boots since he announced his candidacy.

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    You are wrong - those are all the things Republicans and the worthless hacks on Fox TV call anybody who disagrees with them.

    Source(s): Want examples?
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