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how popular is this means of transport and uses it?

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    how popular is this means of transport and uses it?

    A) 此句可能有上文連貫,請問是否想翻譯此句?


    How popular is this means of transport?


    註: “means” 在這裏的意思為「種類」;

    “popular” 的意思為「普遍、受歡迎」,在此句子中引申為「普及的程度」或「普遍性。」

    後面的部份 “and uses it” 未能連結前部份來解釋,可能與文章中再前一段相關,又或需作出文法修正,如 “ and how do the public use it” 或 “and how often do people use it?”。

    B) 如想詢問怎樣回答,就以普及程度來回應首部份 “How popular is this means of transport?”


    1) “ It is popular because there is a total of 1 million Hong Kong people traveling on this kind of transport every day.” (以乘搭數據來肯定有關交通工具的普及程度)

    2) “It is popular because people from all walks of life in Hong Kong travel by this every day.” (以不同階層的人士乘搭交通工具來肯定交的普及程度)


    “It is not popular because it can only be found on the Hong Kong Island .” (以交通工具的服務範圍來表達不太普及的程度 [如電車tram] )

    “It is not very popular because people often travel by MTR.” (也可以比較來表達不太普及的程度)

    至於第二部份 “and uses it”,因資料不足,未能回應。

    Source(s): 我的意見
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    very popular !!!!!!!!!!!

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