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A good book/website that outlines dog nutrition needs?

Im looking for a nice book or website to give me an overview of good dog nutrition. I guess what I need would be what types of foods do dogs need and how much of each, how much vitamins and minerals, etc

I am currently feeding my dog home made raw, I give him variety of things but I want to learn more about nutrition.

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    I have fed raw for a long time. There is a lot to learn, so take many different opinions and draw the conclusions that seem to work for your dog. My favorites are Give your Dog a Bone by Ian Billingsly, and Natural Nutrition by Kymythy Schultze. Naturally, they do not agree on the grains question, but very valuable info anyway. Dr Pitcairns Complete Guide to Natural Health addresses raw diets as well as holistic healthcare recommendations, and has lots of great information for you.

    Source(s): 30+yrs dog owner, trainer, exhibitor, rescue 10yrs vet tech, 18yrs RN
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    If the poop is normal and nice and firm, then it probably isn't a nutrition thing. Do you free feed your dogs? She is probably just eating a little bit throughout the day, which means that she needs to poop a lot more. Limit your dogs to two meals a day, I feed at nine am and six pm. If you still feel that is the nutrition, then what do you feed your dog? I just switched over to California Natural, and my dogs eat half as much, so they poo half as much. I am very impressed with this dog food.

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  • Book-Nibble, Munch, Chomp-The art and science of feeding your pet. By Dr. Sasha Herbert. Senior vet at the Lort Smith animal Hospital. Highly recommend this book.

    Great Nutritional book for all pets. It on of the few that absolutely correct in aspect of dog feeding


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    If your dog looks healthy and maintains a level of energy and happiness, it might be you've found the right food.

    Check this site:


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    maybe American kennel club

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