Help my best friend has leukemia?

he's disease prone, litterally. he's been recently diagnosed with leukemia which he's had for a few month, he wants to know if its painful, cuz he doesnt wanna die in pain, and he also wants to know if its possible to cure it this late, he says he's got a MAX of 6months left.. =[

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    Leukemia sucks. My 24 year old husband was diagnosed with BAL 3 months after we were married. BAL means that he has not just AML or ALL, he has both. It's extremely rare and I've yet to find a survivor story. In fact, his doctors haven't seen it in person before. The prognosis is crap and he the only hope he has at prolonging his life is a bone marrow transplant which we are currently waiting for. Leukemia is painful, very painful, but doctors put patients on pain regimens that allow for relief. Example, my husband takes 40 mg of OxyContin twice a days and 12mg of Dilaudid every 4 hours for breakthrough. When his pain gets too much to bear we take him into the hospital and get him admitted and hooked up to a PCA that allows him to control his pain medication through his PICC line. If it comes down to "the end" the doctors won't let him be in pain. He will sedated, if not comatose.

    At the same time, just because a doctor tells him 6 months doesn't really mean much of anything. A guy who had AML contacted my husband courtesy of LLS this weekend and his WBC was 5 times higher than normal and he was given like a 20% chance to live. The man is still kicking and disease free. Doctors can make good mistakes.

    You didn't mention what kind your friend has and where his counts are currently sitting. Does he even know that information or is he perhaps scared and jumping to his own conclusions? (Trust me, it happens, I have to deal with it with my husband regularly.)

    Good luck and my prayers go out to you as the loved one and him as the patient.

    Source(s): My husband has AML and ALL.
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    Thats terrible :( but truthfully, it doesn't really hurt

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    Omg, thats so sad. Im so sorry.

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