Anyone out there actually hate Derek Jeter?

Joba - they do that because thats tradition of being at Yankees stadium, even though they boo not all of them hate Derek Jeter.
Update: I mean I strongly dislike the Yankees, mainly because their bogus payroll and mainly arrogant fans, but I give credit to Derek Jeter, this guy played the game w/o performance enhancing drugs and I give him props.
Update 2: cheens - learn to read, I am giving credit to Derek Jeter you dumb tw@t
Update 3: Fenway Park*
Update 4: Cheens - aww did your mother teach you how to read? next time read the entire question you stupid tw@t
Update 5: cheens - wow, you are really that uneductated? in my should I name my daughter question, I chose the best answer and said I was just kidding...I'm not having a offense but I really now think you are a tw@t
Update 6: Cheens - you need a hug? lets make up and be friends. I don't make fun of the handicapped
Update 7: Cheens - wow, are you autistic? you can't, I feel bad for you now
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