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If I get a rabbit when its only a few weeks old and hold it a LOT, will it learn to like being held?

O, and i KNOW that rabbits dont like being held...but i know some people with rabbits who actually LOVE being held! so not all rabbits are the same...


my friend gave me a 2 year old rabbit and he hates being held. he keeps running away and absolutely WILL NOT come to me when i call it. i HATE IT! its somewhere under my bed right now and it wont come out. im so sick of it..... i should get a dog or something.....i dont have a PET for it to not listen to me and stay under the bed for most of the freaking day. ive been so kind and patient and its not helping. ive had it up to HERE! @_@

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    well it IS a rabbit,

    there nature is to instinctively run away,

    like you see outside how rabbits run from people.

    they;re scared, of course they are, they're tiny and fragile.

    i had my baby boy bunny when he was a tiny baby.

    and i held him as much as i could, even when he resisted or ran,

    you have to let them be and try when there hearts aren;t racing from fear.

    a bunny needs to earn your trust BEFORE they can be completely okay with you.

    so yesss try to hold your baby as often as possible an pet them ALOT, praise them , feed them veggies! and bunny yogurt drops, they LOVELOVELOVELOVE those, well my bunny i have now does(:

    and my other bunny i use to ahve would run under beds and hide ALL the time.

    he once went unde my parents bed, chewed a hole in the bottom of it and staed insside the bed for a couple days, i was FREAKING out i couldnt find him for DAYS. and i finally found him scared inside the bed!

    you need to be the one to MAKE your bunny KNOW that he/she can trust you.

    my bunny now, i got when he was a couple years, and he growls!

    he growled at me everyday since i brought him home, just waling byhis cage, but i had to be the one to"overpower" him in order to make my baby see that he CAN trust me, a bunny doesnt know EVER to trust any human unless you show him.

    what i did to earn my now bunny's trust, when he growled at me, and he punches! he goes on his back legs and stand and kicks his front ones! hes broken huge crackers with his front paws!

    well, to earn his "doggylike" self trust, when he was in his cage, i would open he top of it, and put my hand on his back to pet him and if he jumped i would keep myself calm and not "hardly" but gently but not to soft, pet him for a looong time.

    a bunny needs to feel secure, so when you hold them, keep kis side/tummy on your chest, with his head under your chin and one hand securely under his feet holding them, and your other hand under his arms and a little on his tummy. and hold them VERY close to you with a firm, but not too tight of a hold, they need o feel like you are REALLY holding on to them, if you hold to softlygently, they'll feel like you'll drop them and they;ll fall. keep them VERY close to you, but not to tight, just like a hug :)

    verrrry long, but after a LONNNNG time of holding, petting, letting them explore to feel safe and not have cage boredom, your baby will trust you. they might not always seem to trust you full heartedl after you KNOW you've gained their trust, thats because they are a bunny, and thats what bunnies do. hold your baby for a long time, cuddle them everything to make them feel stable, safe and secure.

    it took my about a year and a half to show the bunny i have now, i am trustworthy. my bunny now, snickers, trusts me and only me, he might growl a few times when i go to pet him that jts because hes unsure at times, being a buny, but i dont back down, i dont let him think im afraid, that way he has to give in because he knows i wont be afraid of him, i love and trust him and he does vise versa. he growls at everybody else in my family and jumps/ nips at them, except me.


    show them you;re there to keep your baby safe 24/7.

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    You should not buy any rabbit that is under 8 weeks old. A rabbit that is weaned too early can develop problems and could even die.

    A rabbit that is socialized with people from a young age can be conditioned to accept pets and being held. A rabbit from aggressive parents is not as likely to have a good temperament even if you socialize it a lot.

    Find a breeder that handles the rabbits from a young age. The rabbits should not be held too young as it can upset the mother.

    You can also look for adult rabbits that are friendly and like to be with you.

    Not all rabbits will like to be held, but some can be trained to tolerate it.

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    A rabbit is not a dog, rarely does any rabbit come when called. They do not like being picked up because they are a prey animal, and do not feel safe. To get your current bunny used to him let him run around on your bed and just lay there and read or do homework dont try to pet him just get him used to you. When you do hold him remember to hold him close to your body and support the butt that way he'll feel more safe. Like someone else said don't buy a rabbit under 8 weeks old. But you should get one from a breeder that really knows their animals tell them that you want a friendly outgoing pet. I think you should wait to get a rabbit until you decide it's really what you want, and do some research on owning them.

    Source(s): owns many rabbits and loves them as pets.
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    Holding the rabbit will get it used to you.

    You should get your older rabbit a cage. Rabbits like having their own little space they can call their own. Also, rabbits usually never learn to come to you. They aren't like a dog. Don't worry, your younger rabbit should be fine. Just don't let it around the other rabbit. Rabbits do best alone. Good luck.

    Source(s): rabbit breeder/keeper
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    lure out the rabbit from under your bed by placing lots of yummy treats far from the bed. when he comes out, get him and put him back in his cage.

    some rabbits like being held, some don't...they all have different personalities. it'll take a lot of treats and patience to convince your rabbit that being held is okay...but it'll be worth it in the end. :)

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    most likley. it kinda depends on the rabbits personality. I have had 6 since the age of 7 and only 2 of them didnt like it

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    yea ive always had pet rabbits, and my newest one, i bought when she was a baby at the SPCA. they had no more room for rabbits, so there was a chance that she could have gotten put to sleep. D= but yea it would. but mines a flemish giant mix, so shes HUGE, and doesnt like being picked up unless we have to. but shes adorable, and comes to me when i call her name/have treats for her.

  • You should make rabbit stew with him and get a hunting dog to pull him out from under your bed and then get a baby rabbit who you can train.

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    if you beat a child, does it learn to like it?

    its a wild animal at heart, poor thing...

    Kiiding, of course it will

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    probably will

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