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Which is much better?

The Running game on its prime of the Phoenix Suns (D antoni, Nash) or New Jersey Nets ( 2001 and 2002)

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    I'd go with the '01-'02 Nets. Jason Kidd just carried this team very well. They just had the misfortune of facing the prime-Shaq Lakers and the prime-Duncan Spurs back-to-back. But this team was something. Their starting lineup of Jason Collins (C), K-Mart (PF), Richard Jefferson (SF), Kerry Kittles (SG) and Kidd, of course, was very solid. Each of these guys were quite fast and could run the break. Then they have competent backup players in Lucious Harris, Keith Van Horn, Todd MacCulloch and Brian Scalabrine which give them a deep bench.

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    Phoenix Suns and their running game in its prime

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    It has to be the running game, the suns were great then.

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    The suns to bad they have not won a championship yet

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    01-02 nets

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